Toddler shoes

We are looking for a family for a beautiful toddler named David, who is 2.5 years old.

In order to maximize the placement opportunities for David, his birth parent has authorized Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children to post this non-identifying description of him on the Waiting Children page of Spence-Chapin’s website in effort to recruit an excellent permanent family for him. David’s name has been changed to further protect his privacy.

David’s birth mother is looking for a loving, caring family for her son as she feels unable to meet his needs. She is confident in making an adoption plan for him and would like to maintain contact with David through an open adoption.

David is a Black child of Caribbean descent. He has been in the care of his birth mother since his birth and was recently placed voluntarily into Spence-Chapin’s Interim Care in August 2022.  He was born full-term and passed his hearing screening at birth and has had no significant health concerns. He is up to date on all his immunizations and has been seen regularly by his pediatrician.

In July 2022, it was noted that David was not expressing himself verbally or engaging with others. Spence Chapin’s pediatrician referred David for an audiology test.  The audiology test was inconclusive but indicated that David may have some hearing loss in both ears; he is currently scheduled for further audiology testing. David had a Multidisciplinary Evaluation completed in August 2022 which indicated that he currently presents with a 25% delay in his gross motor skills, 33% delays in his receptive and expressive language, and more than a 33% delay in his cognitive development. Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Special Instruction are being recommended for David at this time. He is beginning Early Intervention while in Spence-Chapin’s Interim Care, and Spence-Chapin is seeking a special family who is open to welcoming David into their family and continuing the necessary evaluations and subsequent interventions.

David is described having soft brown eyes and a loving smile.  He is an inquisitive toddler who loves to play ball, play with his trucks, and watch his favorite shows on television.  He loves the bath and going to the beach.  David enjoys all types of food except for eggs. One of his favorite foods is pizza.  He loves to look at books and run in the park.

He is not potty-trained but is learning.


If you would like to be considered as a forever family for David, please complete our online application to our Special Needs Program: Special Needs (ASAP) Adoption – Pre-Application and upload a copy of your current home study (completed within the past 12 months) conducted by a licensed adoption agency, and family profile with photos.  We are unable to consider families that do not have a current home study or a home study completed by an independent social worker. Families from any state are welcome to apply to adopt David.

To learn more about​ David, contact our Adoption Team at 212-400-8150 or email us at [email protected].