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Pictures and videos of Fanka can be viewed by contacting our Adoption Team.

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Meet Fanka! Fanka is described by her caregivers as being a cheerful and lively young girl who is creative and imaginative. She currently lives in a children’s home in Bulgaria where she is supported by an adult caretaker and professional team to support her unique needs.

Fanka has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, microcephaly, and impaired cognitive abilities. Because of her diagnosis, Fanka struggles with complex movements. She is able to stand and move with assistance, and it is anticipated that she will need lifelong support from her forever family.

A friendly and social young girl, Fanka loves to participate in group activities with other children. She is not typically one to be shy around strangers – always greeting people with a ‘hello’ and a warm smile. Fanka especially loves music! She enjoys singing and her favorite games and activities are the ones that involve songs and music.

Fanka communicates well and is able to express her needs and wishes through expressive speech. Her caregivers share that she is able to adapt easily to new environments.  

Fanka receives therapeutic music and rehabilitation services which are mainly aimed at practical application in her everyday activities. Fanka struggles with complex actions involving her hands, such as drawing, writing, or fastening buttons. This makes day to day tasks, such as self-care and domestic skills challenging for her. She can now feed herself using utensils and enjoys her daily hygiene routine.

To learn more about Fanka and to view photos and videos of her, please contact us today by calling 212-400-8150 or emailing us at

Fanka’s information is available through our Foreign Supervised Providers in Bulgaria until January 15th 2020.

To learn more about​ Fanka, contact our Adoption Team at 212-400-8150 or email us at