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We are looking for a loving and dedicated permanent family for a sweet 8-year-old boy named Kenny. Kenny has been diagnosed with severe Autism and learning delays. He is non-verbal, but understands both English and Mandarin Chinese, his first language.

Please note that more photos, videos, and info about Kenny can be seen through our Password Protected Portal. If you already have the password, you can put it in here. To receive the password, please contact our Adoption Team at 212-400-8150 or email us at [email protected]

Kenny has been raised in a loving family since birth, but due to family circumstances, his biological parents feel that they do not have the emotional or physical resources needed to fully provide for all that Kenny needs long-term. They are actively looking for a permanent family for their son that will be able to meet his needs, and provide the love and care they know he deserves.

Kenny is Chinese, and was born in the United States, but spent most of his childhood in China with his parents and grandparents. He and his family immigrated to NYC over a year ago and Kenny currently lives in NYC with his parents and younger brother. Kenny is in good physical health and attends public school in a special education setting. His current speech and language development are severely delayed, and he receives special education services as part of his IEP. Kenny enjoys school and has received positive reports from his current teachers. He also engages well with new caregivers and teachers he encounters.

Kenny can do many things independently like toileting and feeding himself, running and jumping, etc. His mother feels that he needs more appropriate services to help him improve his communication and socialization with others. He plays mostly independently and enjoys electronic games.

Kenny is being seen regularly by a pediatrician and is up to date on all of his immunizations and check-ups. In addition, Spence-Chapin’s pediatrician has seen Kenny for a physical exam.

Kenny’s parents are looking to make an open adoption plan for their son through Spence-Chapin’s Domestic Special Needs Adoption Program. They would ideally like to find a family that is open to maintaining Kenny’s connection to his birth culture and language. They would also like to find a Christian family, as Kenny was baptized in the US. Kenny’s parents shared that Kenny loves dogs, so a family with pets would be welcome! Most important, Kenny’s parents have shared that they want to find a loving family that can provide all the attention, time, care, and access to resources that Kenny needs.

If you would like to be considered as a forever family through Spence-Chapin’s Domestic Special Needs Adoption Program, please submit our free Domestic Special Needs Adoption Pre-Application and send us a copy of your current home study (home visit completed within the past 12 months), conducted by a licensed adoption agency. Families living anywhere in the United States are welcome to apply. We are unable to consider families that do not have a current home study or a home study completed by an independent social worker.

To learn more about Kenny and our Domestic Special Needs Adoption Program, or to request the password for thepassword-protected page of Kenny’s profile, please contact our Adoption Team at 212-400-8150 or email us at [email protected]

*Name has been changed. In order to maximize the placement opportunities for Kenny, his birth parents have authorized Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children to post this non-identifying description of him on the Waiting Children page of Spence-Chapin’s website.

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