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Lucy is an adorable 8-year-old girl who is currently living in a children’s home in Colombia.  Her caregivers share that Lucy is a special little girl who is charismatic and loves to dance.  Once Lucy has established rapport with adult caregivers, she enjoys giving and receiving love and affection.

Lucy lived with her biological family for much of her early life.  In 2018 she was placed in the children’s home where she currently lives.  Despite the challenging circumstances Lucy has endured, her time at the children’s home has slowly but surely provided her with an environment to trust and establish healthy relationships with her caregivers.  Her caregivers have stated that they know these bonds will only be strengthened by a family that accepts and loves her.

Lucy is an active child who enjoys dancing, singing, makeup and fashion.  Lucy is currently enrolled in school and is transitioning to a different school after a difficult adjustment period at her previous school.   She is currently receiving therapeutic services to strengthen her emotional and behavioral skills. 

 “Lucy has shared that she hopes to be in a family where she is protected, taken care of, believed in, pampered, and loved.  Lucy will thrive in a family that has dreamed of her – where she is expected and received as a beloved daughter.  In turn, she will bring joy, love and satisfaction to her family.”

Lucy is in need of a loving, trusting, and supportive family.  She is ready to be matched immediately!  If you think you could be the forever family for Lucy, contact our Adoption Team at 212-400-8150 or email us at

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