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Pictures and videos of Zlatina can be viewed by contacting our Adoption Team.

Call us at 212-400-8150 or email us at info@spence-chapin.org to learn more.


We are looking for a loving, permanent family, for a sweet little girl named Zlatina, who is described by her caregivers as being a calm and smiley child.  Zlatina is four years old and has been living with a foster family in Bulgaria since she was twenty days old.  Some of her favorite activities include spending time outside, no matter the weather, and playing in ball pits.  

Zlatina has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, microcephaly and neuro-developmental delays.  She is able to move her arms and legs and has more coordination with her upper limbs compared to her lower limbs.  Zlatina can move objects from one hand to the other and is able to pick up toys.  She requires support in standing up and is currently strengthening her motor skills to be able to walk. Zlatina also has a diagnosis of epilepsy, but her foster mother has reported that she has not exhibited symptoms related to this diagnosis in quite some time. 

Zlatina has recently started attending kindergarten and has been having a positive experience in the classroom.  Her teachers report that her peers have warmly welcomed her into the class and enjoy supporting her in achieving her goals.  Zlatina requires constant support from her caregivers in carrying out daily activities and has some difficulty sleeping throughout the night.  Zlatina is able say a few words, but mostly communicates through sounds and symbols.  She receives psychotherapy, speech therapy, and physiotherapy twice per week.

Zlatina’s foster family has reported that each and every day Zlatina is growing and strengthening her developmental and physical abilities, such as maintaining focus during an activity for extended periods of time while reading a book or playing with toys.  Her foster mother has reported that she has “no doubt that once Zlatina is placed with a good, caring, and loving family, she will continue to progress with great potential.” 

To learn more about Zlatina and to view photos and videos of her, please contact us today by calling 212-400-8150 or emailing us at info@spence-chapin.org.

Zlatina’s information is available through our Foreign Supervised Providers in Bulgaria until March 17th 2020.

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To learn more about​ Zlatina, contact our Adoption Team at 212-400-8150 or email us at info@spence-chapin.org.