Andrew & John

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If you are reading this we would like to thank you for considering us and for your role in our journey to parenthood. Becoming parents was a goal that both of us shared and discussed at our first date almost 12 years ago. After meeting online, we dated for six months prior to getting our first apartment together and then we were married in 2015 in a ceremony conducted by Andrew’s father (a retired Episcopal Priest) and surrounded by our friends and family. Our Great Dane “Butch” Etta walked us down the aisle and insisted on joining us on stage. Andrew grew up in Texas and Colorado with his amazing parents and is the youngest of six kids. Although he works incredibly hard, family is and always will be a priority. Andrew is grounded, patient, and always looking for betterment for his family. He is also fun, sarcastic and incredibly generous to everyone he loves. While John is whimsical, creative, and an eternal optimist always looking for the good in situations. John grew up in a loving family in the Ozark mountains of Northern Arkansas. He has one older brother and is very close to his family although separated by distance.

About Andrew


Job Description
Works at a major corporation running Data analytics and Data-Driven Strategy and has a Ph.D. in Psychopharmacology

Skiing, traveling, DIY projects, cooking, and being with friends and family

Fun Fact
When Andrew was in high school his day job was singing and performing at Six Flags.

About John


Job Description
Works as an executive assistant

Arts & Crafts, interior designing, traveling, and entertaining friends and family

Fun Fact
John moved to NYC two days after graduating from college in Arkansas; he had no job, enough money for two months and a dream. He also has an unnatural obsession with Nachos and could eat them for every meal if it were acceptable.

Our Lives

For the past 10 years, we have shared our time between the NYC area and our weekend home in Pennsylvania. As we got further along in our adoption journey, we decided to consolidate our lifestyle for our growing family. We sold both our apartments and weekend house and bought a large family home and farm in central New Jersey. We envision our children playing in the fields, fishing in the pond, hiking in the forest, swimming in the pool and having a space to call their own. Education is also immensely important to us, and we have selected our new location with that in mind. It has some of the best public schools in the state. We cannot wait to watch our child grow and learn.

Our Family

Family is so important to us, although our families are not close in distance they are a huge part of our lives. Andrew’s parents live in Colorado, and we visit them several times a year and have weekly phone calls. John’s family is in Arkansas, and we visit yearly and try to meet up in Michigan or Arizona where we can also visit with Aunts, Uncles, and Grand Parents. John and his bother are very close and speak on the phone a couple of times a week. We also consider our close friends as our selected family, and all are very excited for us to become parents.

Final Thoughts

“Words cannot begin to express our gratitude for the gift of parenthood available to us through open adoption. We already love this child with all our hearts and cannot wait to become his or her dads and share this journey with you, their birth family.”

-Andrew & John

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