Benita & Elyssa

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We are a loving and creative couple living in Brooklyn, NY. We met and fell for each other so hard that for a minute Benita forgot where her apartment building was and we drove around the neighborhood in circles! Fast forward five years, and we are married and sharing a happy life along with our two cats, 
Tucker and Moo.

We are both social workers who adore children. Between the two of us we have worked with children and families for a total of 32 years! In our free time, we love seeing friends, cooking (and eating) delicious meals and making each other laugh.

When it comes to starting a family, adoption feels like the clear path for us, as we know that the definition of family is very simply the people you love, and the people who love you back.

About Benita


Job Description
Social Worker, therapist for children and families

Singing out loud, making music (piano, recorder), people-watching, writing poems and short stories, going to see musical theater, spending time with my parents, giggling (does that count as a hobby?) bargain shopping for cute clothes and shoes!

Fun Fact
I have a magic wand that I bought to use with the kids I see at work. Turned out the grown-ups like it too! I think it can never hurt to make a wish, (or two.)

About Elyssa


Job Description
Social Worker, Program Director for counseling and after-school programs for teens.

Cooking and creating recipes, gardening on the fire escape, building furniture, watching action movies and football, sketching in pencil and pen, playing board games with friends, reading, spending time with family.

Fun Fact
I once had a job as a professional sandwich-maker at Au Bon Pain, and worked my way up to making 6 sandwiches at once! To this day, I pride myself on my delicious sandwich creations.

Our Lives

We look forward to having a child at the center of our lives who we will cuddle and kiss and support for a lifetime in becoming the person that they are meant to be. We feel lucky to have the best of both worlds: we live in a diverse neighborhood, in a house with a backyard but are also walking distance to stores, playgrounds and city life. Benita was a preschool teacher and the child will hear lots of singing and will dance around the living room to music, play make- believe and make art projects with glitter, glue, and paint. When they are little, there will be bedtime stories every night, some of them made up with themselves as the main character. With Elyssa, the child will measure flour and sugar for cookies and will lick the spoon! They will play catch and run races in our backyard and look for fireflies on summer evenings.

Our Family

Our family and friends are all excited and ready to embrace the newest member of our family. We are very close with Benita’s parents, who live in Manhattan. They love parks, museums, and shows and will provide exciting family adventures. Elyssa’s parents, with spouses, will be frequent grandparent visitors. A total of 6 grandparents in all! There’s Elyssa’s stepbrother, and generations of cousins as well. We have close friends we consider family, to become “aunties” and “uncles.” They will show love, support and loyalty to our child. We both grew up with family and friends who always asked lots of questions, offering wisdom and ideas. Our child will always have a listening adult for their ideas and stories.

Final Thoughts

“We would like to meet you and hear more about what you are looking for from us. We are sending good wishes, caring and compassion your way during this time of such difficult decisions. We hope that you will find the path that feels right for you and your child. If you think we could be part of your adoption plan we would be honored. We would work hard every single day to put your mind at ease knowing that this child is deeply loved and cared for.”

-Benita & Elyssa

To learn more , contact our Adoption Team at 212-400-8150 or email us at

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