Cameron & Todd

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Meet Cameron, Todd and Odessa! We appreciate how challenging this whole process must be for you and we thank you for considering us. We are excited for you to get to know us!

We met 17 years ago in New York City. Cameron had just moved from Pittsburgh where he went to medical school and Todd had just come off the national tour of Cinderella as an actor. Cameron grew up in Fullerton, California and Todd in Tuscumbia, Alabama. We are still amazed at the chance meeting.  

In July of 2018 we welcomed our daughter Odessa into our family. Odessa is fun, tenacious and inquisitive. She brings joy to our lives every day. She and Uche, our Great Dane, are still getting to know each other.

About Cameron

Job Description
Doctor and Hospital Administrator

Gardening, singing, yoga, traveling and being a handyman on our house

Fun Fact
Knows nearly every word to any 50’s or 60’s song

About Todd

Job Description
Musical Theater director and choreographer

Traveling, listening to music, reading and going to see live theater machine

Fun Fact
Todd danced back-up for the boy band N’ Sync on an international tour.

About Odessa

Standing, fast crawling and Great Dane taunting

Job Description
Sleep depriver

Fun Fact
Two Dads!

Our Lives

New York City has been a great home to us. We have both excelled in our professions. We have been able to buy a Brownstone in the South Bronx which we enjoy renovating and making it into the perfect family home. We now look forward to bringing another child into our home and family. Our home life is very important to us.

We have an extended network of friends who have children with whom we enjoy traveling. We have been fortunate to travel with their families to places like Hawaii, Acapulco and Jamaica. As you can see, we love the beach.

It is most important for us to spend time together enjoying each other’s company.  

Our Family

Our families live in states other than New York.  We keep in regular contact with both of our families and travel to see them at least once a year, especially for holidays and special occasions. Our families visit our home at least once a year. Family is very important to all of us. Both of our families are very excited about us adopting another child.

Final Thoughts

“Again, thank you so much for considering us! We hope to offer your child a stable, active and dedicated home and family. Whatever your decision, we wish you the best of luck as you continue through your journey!”

-Cameron, Todd & Odessa

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