Cerrone & Richard

We’re Richard and Cerrone! We’ve been a couple since 2001 and were married in 2011 –on the first day Same Sex couples were allowed to get married in New York City! We’re an interracial couple, Cerrone is Black and Richard is a first generation mix of Chinese and Cambodian, so we’ve learned to appreciate and enjoy learning about diverse cultures. We can’t wait to share the beauty of diversity with a child. Although both of us were raised in New York, we love to travel and see the world as much as possible, striving to get out of our comfort zones and explore a new part of the world at least once a year. We’ve been told time and again that we’d make kind and loving parents and all of our family and friends are as excited as can be that we’re going to expand our family with our first child.

About Cerrone

Job Description
Strategy Consultant

Camping, Reading, and Writing

Fun Fact
I was once a contestant on a reality TV show. I didn’t win but I had a lot of fun!

About Richard

Job Description
CIO at the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services

Reading, Traveling and Experimenting with new technologies

Fun Fact
I’m fluent in English and Cambodian and working on learning Spanish!

Our Lives

Both of us have master’s degrees and we strongly believe in the value of education and in pursuing your passions to the best of your ability. That’s why when we’re not working on our careers, we are pursuing passion projects –Cerrone is building a nonprofit to help marginalized people and Richard is working on learning his third language. We can’t wait to nurture a similar love of learning in our child by exploring different foods, cultures, and experiences throughout the city, and even the world, with them. When we’re not busy broadening our horizons, we dream of taking our child to go spend time with family, watching them play with our nieces and nephews, telling them stories, or just relaxing in one of the nearby parks.

Our Family

All of our immediate family live within a 30-minute drive from us, making them key parts of our lives. Our closest family members are Vutha and Angie, who are the parents of 2 children –the youngest of which is Cerrone’s Godson -and Richie’s sister Tiara, who has 3 young children. Additionally, Cerrone’s mom lives in New Rochelle, his aunt and his grandmother live in queens, and Richards parents live in Brooklyn. We’re a tight knit family who depend on each other for advice, support, and the occasional delicious home cooked meal!

Final Thoughts

“Thanks so much for taking time to get to know us a little better. We can’t wait to learn more about you as we embark on this journey of life and love.”

-Cerrone & Richard

To learn more , contact our Adoption Team at 212-400-8150 or email us at info@spence-chapin.org.