4th of jluy 2014

I have always wanted to be a mother. My friends and co-workers have always told me I would be a great one. I have taught high school in the Bronx, where I was born and raised, over the last 20 years and really enjoy working what I do. Family is everything to me and being given the opportunity to have one would be a dream come true.

I have two loving parents and a younger brother that I am very close with literally and figuratively. My parents live two and a half blocks to the east of me and my brother two blocks to the west so we see each other quite frequently despite our busy lives

I have a passion for baseball which I share with my family.  In baseball, every player has an important role and each brings his talent to the game. Along with their talent, each individual must communicate, respect one another and work as one, much like a family. And when I am not teaching I am taking the sights and sounds of  the city whether it is watching the local little leaguers play, going to the zoo, seeing a Broadway play or watching the Bronx bombers do their thing at Yankee Stadium. I look forward to sharing with my child the love, support, family values that was given to me.

About Deborah

Job Description
High School Spanish teacher

I enjoy reading, cooking, going to the movies, traveling and visiting new and unique cultural spots

Fun Fact
I used to be an Assistant Principal but prefer the classroom where I can work with more students directly and consistently.

My Life

I see my parents at least twice a week and I often take my mother to the movies, a play or comic show. Sometimes we just enjoy each other’s company and go for a mother-daughter day and get our hair and/or nails done or do some good old fashion shopping. During that time we often catch up or reminisce about when we were younger and the wild, crazy and fun things we use to do with the family.

During the summer I go over to parents and watch a movie, catch a Yankee game or cook together and enjoy a meal out on the terrace. Sometimes we even play a game of dominos and listen to music together.

My brother is a lot busier than my parents but manages to find time for his big sister.  We often will catch a movie, see a comedy show, find a new vegan restaurant to enjoy or go to Yankee Stadium to watch our favorite team in action. We also go on vacation together to Florida, Spain and several times to Puerto Rico.  Since our birthdays are 2 days a part, we often celebrate it together. This year we plan to travel to Costa Rica or Italy for our birthdays.

I have an extended group of family and friends who share my passion for serving the community and mentoring young people.  I have taken several school groups abroad to travel where they get to know the world and their place in it. I hope to continue doing this with my child teaching them the importance of helping their neighbors and learning more about themselves and the world the live in.

My Family

I am extremely close to my parents and my brother. Since we were small my brother and I have shared so much together from celebrating birthdays to traveling together to being there for each other in the important part of our lives.

My cousin has always been more than just family she has been one of my dearest and best friends.

Final Thoughts

I am so grateful for this opportunity. I promise that I will love your child unconditionally, and teach him or her to be a loving, responsible, caring and kind adult.  I pledge to speak of you in a positive and loving way and be open about how we became a family through adoption and your loving sacrifice.

~ Deborah

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