I am a 47-year-old widow who has run her own Acupuncture practice since 2003 in New York City.

I have been in healthcare my whole adult life, working in hospitals and research before moving onto graduate school for Acupuncture. I love helping people and love knowing how the body works in a holistic way. I have constructed my life around this passion and it has been very rewarding. 

In 2010, my husband died in an accident, and since then I have rebuilt my life, creating a healing, fun environment for my pup Muffin and the rest of my extended family and friends. Before he passed away, we had tried to conceive. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, which is when we discovered my first fibroid. We continued to try, eventually going to a fertility clinic, but with no success. After his death, I tried again on my own with fertility treatments and became pregnant. That too ended in miscarriage, with again more fibrosis. After coming to grips with that loss, I realized that adoption was the best way to move forward with building a family. I have always wanted to be a mother and have organized and created room in my life for a child.

About Heather

Job Description
Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Hiking and swimming

Fun Fact
I have traveled to 15 countries

My Life

I am from Port Washington, NY (Long Island) and moved to the city in my late twenties. I worked, went to graduate school and fell in love with a Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood boy. His family is still local in the neighborhood – they are very popular and are great support to me still. 

With my brothers in the city, my sister and nieces just in Connecticut and my parents in Port Washington, my family is close too. I have many friends and clients here, as I have been in NYC for twenty years working, living and loving it. While I do love the city for all it has to offer, I also love to leave and have a country home in a lake community just an hour outside the city in the Hudson Valley. Great for having friends and family up to BBQ, hike, fish and swim, which I do often.

My Family

I grew up in a Roman Catholic family. We celebrate Christmas and Easter with our extended family and friends. I also join my friends who are Jewish for their traditional holiday celebrations as well the celebrations of my friends who are Chinese.

Final Thoughts

“I am very lucky to have a happy, fulfilling life and hope you choose me and make my life even more blessed. Thank you again for taking the time to know me.”  


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