Hilary & John

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We have been together since 2011 when we met at the party of a mutual friend (who later officiated our wedding!) and have been married since 2015. Our daughter Ursula joined our family through adoption with Spence-Chapin in 2017; she is the joy of our lives and we are so excited to continue growing our family and make her a big sister!

About Hilary

Job Description
Project Manager for an engineering company

Reading, distance swimming, and baking

Fun Fact
Hilary has partnered with challenged child athletes competing in triathlons by completing the swim portion of the race

About John

Job Description
NYC government at the Department of Transportation

Exercise, cooking, drawing, and watching basketball

Fun Fact
John is a 2nd generation St. John’s basketball fan who attends most games with his father and brother, & is looking forward to developing a 3rd generation of fans at Madison Square Garden!

About Ursula

Job Description
Playground equipment tester

Playing with friends, memorizing books, trying new foods, and giving hippo a ride in the toy stroller

Fun Fact
Ursula loves to help Mommy and Daddy cook, and has been perfecting her French toast recipe!

Our Lives

We live in a family-friendly neighborhood in Brooklyn close to many parks and playgrounds where we own our apartment near family and friends. During the week we like to visit the playground and make dinner together as a family. On weekends we enjoy being outside as much as possible: hiking, riding bikes, and meeting up for outings with our many friends and their children. We often have Sunday dinner at John’s parents’ house, which is also in Brooklyn, grilling in the backyard when the weather is nice. Hilary’s mother visits from New Jersey about one weekend a month to spend time with Ursula. We are fortunate to have both of our extended families close by in the NY area and see them regularly throughout the year. We enjoy getting away to the country or the beach for long weekends whenever we can, and we rent a big house in the Catskills for a week in the summer every year to get all of our cousins and their kids together.

Final Thoughts

“We have been tremendously fortunate to have such a strong and loving relationship with each other, our daughter, our wonderful families, and our many friends –we are grateful for the opportunity to continue to grow our family through adoption and to share with another child the many things that bring us so much joy.”

– Hilary & John

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