Jimmy & Tim


We’ve been a couple since 2008 and just recently moved to Edgemont, NY with our daughter, Isabella. We come from diverse backgrounds, with big, loving, and supportive families and friends. Isabella joined our family from birth through adoption with Spence-Chapin in 2015. Besides our work, we’re both passionate about traveling; we’ve been all over the US and around the world; we even got married in South Africa. We have a summer home in upstate New York, where we go when we need to get away and be surrounded by a bit more nature. Jimmy was raised in a military family and grew up in Japan, North Dakota, and Florida and Tim is originally from Boston. We are grateful for everything we have and are excited for a second adoption to grow our family.

About Jimmy

Job Description
Fashion Buyer

Reading, movies, traveling, and exercising

Fun Fact
Jimmy has been to 49 out of 50 U.S. states

About Tim

Job Description

Traveling, cooking, exercising, and bike riding

Fun Fact
Tim once rode his bike 547 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles

About Isabella

Job Description
Exploring my options

Eating snacks, playing my guitar, waiting to be a big sister

Fun Fact
I speak French but I refuse to use it with Daddy or Papa!

Our Lives

In our daily lives, we explore different neighborhoods. We spend lots of time with our close family and friends and like to try new adventures during weekends away. Tim loves to cook, and we both love to eat, so a favorite activity we have is making new and interesting foods to try. While we love taking advantage of all the fun activities in and around the city, we are secret homebodies and enjoy quiet time at home with Isabella. We are both inquisitive and love learning about new things, something we both got from our parents and something we will certainly share with our children. We believe in creating a very nurturing, creative, dynamic environment where children feel safe exploring and learning. We’re excited to provide a home filled with warmth and opportunity, stability, and unconditional love and encouragement for a child.

Our Family

For both Jimmy and Tim, family played an important role during our childhood and continues to do so every day. Tim has three sisters – Liana, Serena, and Tricia, two who are in NYC and who we spent lots of time with. Tim’s parents live in Boston. Jimmy has two sisters – Kimberly and Tia; his parents live in Florida. We also have ten nieces and nephews, who range in age from 12 years old to 6 months old. In our family, our adopted child is certain to have plenty of other kids to play and grow up with, including his/her sister, Isabella.

Final Thoughts

“Throughout our relationship, we have talked about the importance of family. Having another child join our family feels right for us. We want to be able to share with our children what we’ve both been fortunate enough to have. We imagine a future for your child where family is central, education is critical, and a loving home is the foundation. Thanks for considering us in your adoption plan!”

-Jimmy and Tim

To learn more , contact our Adoption Team at 212-400-8150 or email us at info@spence-chapin.org.