Justin & Katie

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Hello, thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about us! We are Katie and Justin, we met in Texas (where Katie is from), got married in Mississippi (where Justin is from) and moved to New York City the day after we got married. Crazy, but true. We have been married 11 years and have lived and worked in New York City ever since. While we love our families and our roots deeply, living our adult lives in New York has changed our world view for the better. In 2014 Rye, our son, was born. He has since grown into a well-spoken, energetic and cheerful 5-year-old. We know he will be a wonderfully loving and kind brother. We honestly can’t wait to add a second child to our devoted family.

About Justin

Job Description

Cooking, collecting vinyl records, camping

Fun Fact
Justin has an extensive vinyl record collection, including about every genre of music.

About Katie

Job Description
Art Director

Embroidery, camping, photography

Fun Fact
Katie loves summer more than any other season and tacos more than any other food.

About Rye

Job Description
Learning to read and setting the dinner table

Learning about superheroes, riding his scooter, any activity that involves water, and building with LEGOs

Fun Fact
Rye has loved punk music since he was a small baby.

Our Life

Our family is loving, family centered, social, creative and active. We love to spend time outdoors and travel upstate. We spend time exploring New York City: beaches, museums, parks, and pizzerias are all big favorites of ours. We value education and life skills from an early age, but we also believe in playing together, having a slow Saturday morning at home and not over scheduling ourselves.

Family and friends are deeply valued, and we spend many weekends cooking in our cute backyard for our friends or going to the local park.

Our Family

While they don’t live geographically close, our family is very important to us and we keep in touch by calling and texting and FaceTime. We also love to visit our families in Texas, Mississippi, North Dakota and New Mexico — and they enjoy coming to Brooklyn to visit us as well.

Rye is deeply loved by all of his grandparents and family members. Even when we haven’t seen them in a few months he talks about them in great detail, and even receives sweet packages in the mail. Rye is over the moon with excitement at the idea of growing our family through adoption and is especially excited to become a big brother.

We also have friends that we share such a long and close relationship with that they’ve become like an extended family. While Christmas is always spent with our family, holidays like Thanksgiving and New Years and some summer trips are often spent with our close friends here in New York.

Final Thoughts

“We send you all of our love, respect and prayers as you navigate the decision that is best for you and your child. We love being parents and look forward to growing our family through adoption. We hope this gives a fuller glimpse of the warm, supportive and welcoming home we have created.”

-Justin & Katie

To learn more , contact our Adoption Team at 212-400-8150 or email us at info@spence-chapin.org.