Coversmall Kate

I’m so happy to be here and I thank you for being here, too. I am so very excited to welcome a child into my home, my community, and my life. I have a remarkable circle of family and friends and love, and I am eager to share it with a new child.

I have always wanted to be a mom. I grew up in a loving, stable home, in a family that valued kindness, humor, independence, curiosity, and equality. These are the things that guide my life, and I look forward to passing them along.

I live in a big, book-lined apartment in a family-friendly, diverse neighborhood in Queens. I have friends all around the world and I love to travel. I love being with kids: playing with them, helping them to do things, listening to them, talking with them, and learning with them.

As I’ve come to learn some of the remarkable stories of adoption, I am humbled by what an awesome undertaking adoption is on everyone’s part, yours most of all. There are so many ways to build families and communities, and I’m so looking forward to building a family this way and to providing a warm and wonderful home for a child.

About Kate

Job Description
I’m the Director of a Library at a small college that serves non-traditional learners and is focused community empowerment and social good.

I like to draw, cook with friends, and take long walks around the city and in the woods. I love to read and watch movies. I love listening to music. I’d like to learn the banjo. Mostly, I just love being with friends.

Fun Fact
I’m a third-generation New Yorker! And I love to travel: I’ve been to China, Japan, South Africa, Istanbul and Russia, and all around the United States and other places, too!

My Life

I own a spacious apartment in a vibrant, incredibly diverse neighborhood, filled with young families. My life is made up of communities of warm-spirited, big-hearted, talented friends, most of whom have young kids themselves; I love to have them over for mellow potluck dinners or just to hang out. My home is a welcoming space for everyone that I love and care for.

My Family

My parents, Judy and Charlie, are so excited to become grandparents, and they will be very involved in my child’s everyday life.

This child will grow up in a relaxed environment and in a family and community of kind, generous adults, including many friends — all of whom love kids — and who will share their passions and talents. Many I’ve known since childhood: Kiera and Nikhil (both are writers) and their son, Sid; Judd and Michi (amazing musicians) and their daughter, Aki, live on a giant farm in the Berkshires; Courtney makes pottery and lives in Montana; Parker has a community garden on her New York City roof and a second home in Colombia! Karen is a college professor and her 8-year-old, Magnus, and I love to hang out and watch movies together and we all enjoy car-camping trips. Magnus knows that my house will always be a second home for him. I also have many great friends in my neighborhood who are available to babysit and just hang out!

Final Thoughts

“Thank you so much for looking at my profile. I wish you peace, serenity, love, and kindness, wherever life may take you.”


To learn more , contact our Adoption Team at 212-400-8150 or email us at info@spence-chapin.org.