Kira & Solar

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We are a family of four (mom, dad, and two boys) looking to expand our family by adoption.  Our two boys are the lights of our lives, also adopted at birth through Spence-Chapin. We are a family that loves music, books, and being outdoors.  We have many friends, as do our children. We love to spend time together in our garden, reading Harry Potter, and riding our bikes. We love to travel and vacation and have friends and family all over the United States and the world with whom we reconnect often.  We have family in NYC and surrounding and love to see them as often as we can. Thanksgivings are very loud and fun!

Solar and I met almost twenty years ago, when we were at college at MIT.  We have been together ever since and are each other’s best friends. We work well together and our house is generally a calm and happy place.  We spend most of our time with our kids and tend to do everything with them. They have been to museums all over the world, many concerts, and swimming in multiple oceans.  We love to explore, try new things, and meet new people. Our families are fully supportive of our adoption journeys and love their grandchildren/nephews/cousins like no other.  We are always laughing, singing, playing music, or tickling our kids.

About Kira

Job Description

Running, biking, knitting, talking to friends, music

Fun Fact
Kira has had more direct bear encounters than any person should desire. Best summer ever was spent as a wilderness biologist in Grand Teton National Park. He has also been tracked by a lynx in Montana.

About Solar

Job Description
Initially was a Materials Scientist, now is a Software Engineer

Rock climbing, reading graphic novels, music

Fun Fact
Solar had purple Hammer pants as a kid. He loves Coney Island.

About Zephyr

Job Description
First grader

Building things, science experiments, soccer, swimming, playing with friends

Fun Fact
He is an amateur magician and can make coins disappear and rings combine. He loves the Jabbawockeez and is learning how to pop and lock like his dad and uncle.

About Ayo

Job Description

Swimming, acting, singing, soccer, making up tales, baking

Fun Fact
Ayo has the best hair in the family and he rocks it. He has a prodigious memory and can sing most pop song lyrics from memory. It’s crazy! He builds complicated train tracks and tells funny stories about all the trains.

Family Fun Facts

We all love music.  The kids go to music festivals with us every summer.  Solar was into cartooning in his high school and college years and the kids seem to be following in his footsteps.  Kira played the viola and guitar. Our kids can both can read music and play piano already! We love indie rock, classic country, classical, hip hop, and all other types of music.  We dance a lot in our home!

Our Life

We are a busy and happy family.  Kira is a pediatrician and works four days a week in an outpatient office.  Solar has a PhD in engineering and now works as a computer programmer. The kids are both in school — Zephyr is in first grade and Ayo in pre-K.  We live in a hamlet in Westchester county on the metro north line. We love to ride the train into the city. We are always busy with friends and activities with the kids.  We have great friends with whom we travel and hang out and the kids are always making new friends. They love to play soccer, go to the library, take swimming lessons, go to the playground, and go to camp in the summer.  We love being together as well; the kids help bake and love to read books together and play board games. We also stay in touch with our farther afield family via phone, text, and visits! We love people and being around people.

Our Family

We are affectionate parents and love to be close to our kids.  We love to hug them and we still carry them on occasion (they’re getting big!).  We love to teach them what we know and learn together what we don’t. We love to sit around our fire pit and roast marshmallows, but we also love to dance with them.  We travel with our kids — they have already been to Germany and Amsterdam as well as California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii and a bunch of other states. We love to go biking together and be active.  But we also love to snuggle up and have movie nights. Our kids are the most important people in our lives. Our wider families love them as much as we do — we have cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents who think the world of our kids!

Final Thoughts

We thank you for reading our profile!  We hope we have given you an idea about who we are and what we stand for.  We love being parents and look forward to adding to our family via adoption.  We can’t wait to meet the new baby, we and our kids and our extended families and friends are all very excited!

-Kira & Solar

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