Pratip & Trishna

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Introducing our family, Trishna, Pratip, our daughter, Tavishi, and our three dogs, Gizzy, Maggie and Storm. We are a family of animal lovers who love to explore and travel. Pratip and Trishna met on an online dating website and pretty much knew they were meant to be by date number 5. We had tried to have another child for several years after having Tavishi but were unable to, and when getting our 2nd and 3rd dog didn’t satisfy our needs we turned to adoption as the best alternative for us to grow our family. Trishna is a doctor who works in a drug company helping to get cancer drugs approved while Pratip is a scientist at New York University studying how the immune system can change by cancer. We recently moved here from Maryland about a year ago and are loving New Jersey. Trishna and Tavishi love watching Marvel movies and crafting together while Pratip and Tavishi are the music lovers in the group. If we aren’t at work or school, we are playing with our dogs, crafting, cooking/baking and hunting out new places to visit in New York and New Jersey. Pratip is often cracking “Dad jokes” with ridiculous puns while Trishna and Tavishi roll their eyes.

About Pratip

Job Description
Scientist who studies the immune system


Fun Fact
Pratip is the self-proclaimed king of useless pop culture and will be Trishna’s “phone a friend” if she is ever on a trivia show

About Trishna

Job Description
Cancer doctor

Crafting, reading mystery books, and cooking

Fun Fact
Trishna swore to get a tattoo for each level of training, after two (one for college and med school) she chickened out.

About Tavishi

Job Description

Photography, gaming, drawing, and horseback riding

Fun Fact
Tavishi has always loved animals and only agreed to move up from Maryland if she got a horse… she does not have a horse! She knows her dinosaurs and recently offered to help docents at the Jersey Science Center teach kids which era each dinosaur lived in!

Our Life

This family is all about organized chaos, love, laughter and lots of snuggles with our furry children and each other. Tavishi is our smart, funny and sweet 12-year-old who is definitely Daddy’s little girl. We love the thoughtful and kind child we’ve raised and looked forward to raising another great kid. Our dogs are a big part of our lives, we each have a dog that is our favorite and tries to take them with us for one trip a year. Our family loves food, especially food from all over the world. We especially love Ethiopian food and tacos! You will find us at the trendiest restaurant or a hole in the wall – whatever gets 4+ stars on Yelp. We love to travel and try to hit a new city every year. We hope to do a safari or go to the Galapagos islands sometime in our lives!

Our Family

We live busy lives between work and school, but our lives are about family. Pratip’s parents live a half-hour away, and we visit them every weekend! Pratip is an only child, while Trishna has a twin brother and older sister who immediately became good friends with Pratip. Trishna’s family lives on the West Coast, and we try to see them at least once a year, and she is on the phone with her parents, brother, and sister weekly! While weekends are busy with errands and classes, we reserve one day for family time… a meal out, local sightseeing, movies, or anything just to be together!

Final Thoughts

“In our house, there is no shortage of love!”

-Pratip & Trishna

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