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Jodyne Kim

Chief Financial Administrative Officer (CFAO)

Jodyne Kim serves as the Chief Financial Administrative Officer (CFAO) at Spence-Chapin. Jodyne oversees day to day fiscal operations, manages finance staff for the agency, and heads the Human Resources and Operations Departments. Jodyne started her career in Accounting and Finance by accident as an undergraduate looking for easy part-time job and has stayed in Finance ever since! That was over 35 years ago and in 2001, she made a conscientious decision to work only in the not for profit sector.  Jodyne has worked for a several notable charitable organizations in NYC such as Helen Keller International, Nonprofit Finance Fund and most recently served as the Director of Finance for The Bronx Charter School For Children for the past six years.  Jodyne brings resolute accountability, relentless determination and technical skills to protect and enhance the financial health of Spence Chapin.

Jodyne received a bachelor’s degree from New York University.