NYC School Systems Simplified: Workshop

Let us help you navigate the independent and public school process from Pre-K through 8th Grade.

This Tuesday July 10th workshop is an explanation of the admissions process for parents of children entering pre-kindergarten, elementary, and middle in both the New York City public and private school system.

This ninety minute workshop, led by Sheryl Aiken-Sewer, guides families through the admissions process:

  • Overview of Department of Education
  • Overview of Independent Schools
  • What are the best entry points for your child to enter into schools?
  • What is your school district?
  • What is your school zone?
  • What are charter schools?
  • What is the school lottery?
  • What are the entrance requirements?
  • Learn about Testing. What is the difference between IQ tests and cognitive assessment? Tests reviewed include Independent School Entrance Exam and Early Childhood Admission Assessment¬† facilitated by the ERB, Otis-Lenin (OLSAT),¬†Bracken School Readiness Assessment (BSRA), NYC Gifted and Talented Test, Naglieri Non-Verbal Ability Test (2nd Ed), Stanford-Binet.

The emphasis of this workshop is to give parents information about New York City schools and dispel misinformation.

Workshop Leader: Sheryl Aiken-Sewer is a NYS certified school psychologist who holds two Masters Degrees from Columbia University, in School Psychology and Special Education. Sheryl speaks regularly about school-related matters to families, teaching professionals and other psychologists.

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