National Adoption Awareness Month

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Spence-Chapin is excited to highlight the many stories that make up the ✨adoption constellation ✨and raise awareness about the unique experiences that shape each adoption journey while celebrating the diversity within the adoption community.

We hope you will join us in-person and online throughout the month as we share the different perspectives and stories that make the adoption experience the rich and vibrant tapestry that it is. 

Whether connecting in-person for our upcoming event (details below!), listening to our special NAAM episodes on our Adoption Talk podcast, or following our stories on social media, we’re offering great resources throughout the month for you to learn from and share!  

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See below to learn how to learn more and get involved!

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ways to Get Involved

Stories of Adoption: A Special Conversation

Wednesday, November 16, 6:00PM – 8:00PM EST

Explore what it means to be connected to adoption. Join Spence-Chapin in Brooklyn for a special event in honor of National Adoption Awareness Month and hear from a panel of adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth parents who will share their experiences and adoption stories. You’ll have the chance to ask our panelists questions while sharing your own thoughts and feelings.

This meaningful event is open to everyone in the adoption community, including those who are in the process of adopting, and professionals in the field of health care and social work.

The conversation will be moderated by Monica Baker, Director of Domestic and Special Needs Adoption at Spence-Chapin.

Light refreshments will be served.
Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Plaza
1368 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11216


As we share stories throughout the month of November of individuals and families connected to adoption in a myriad of ways, we want to hear your unique story, too! Or maybe after hearing one of our featured stories in Stories of the Constellation, you have an inspiring message to leave for those who have shared, or for the adoption community as a whole! Just dial our Storyline phone number and leave a message. Messages can be anonymous or not! We’ll be featuring them throughout the month!

Podcast: Stories of the Constellation

In a special series for Spence-Chapin’s podcast, Adoption Talk, we are highlighting stories of the adoption constellation that are sometimes overlooked. Over four weeks, interviews covering Search and Reunion, Sibling Perspectives, Kinship Adoption, and the Adoptee Experience will honor the complex and special nature of relationships surrounding adoption.

Our podcast is available on all platforms. Be sure to follow us wherever you get your podcasts to receive notifications when new stories come out! 

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Search and reunion

Paulette always knew her biological family was out there. She just needed to find them. People search for unknown family members for many reasons—maybe to fill in gaps in an ancestral family tree, or to learn more about their backgrounds. But for individuals who are connected to adoption the process can be long, arduous, and fraught with intense emotion. Learn about Paulette’s journey through our podcast, blog posts, and social media stories.


kinship Adoption

For Blondene the journey to parenthood was unexpected, and came to pass with children she already knew. After her brother’s death in Jamaica, the future of her niece and nephew were left unknown. Once she decided to bring them to America and parent the toddler and teenager, Blondene was suddenly dropped into the complex process of international Kinship Adoption. Blondene’s story will be released on 11/14 through our podcast, Adoption Talk.


Sibling Perspective

In the ‘typical’ adoption narrative, we usually hear from the adoptive parents and the adoptee. But what about the special relationship between siblings, adopted or not? A member of the Spence-Chapin staff Madison Murrell, speaks with her sister Danielle, a Spence-Chapin adoptee, about the unique relationship they have with each other and with adoption. Their conversation on Adoption Talk, Spence-Chapin’s podcast, will be released on 11/21.

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Adoptee Perspective

Despite their childhood adoption being the focus of the constellation, oftentimes adult adoptees are left with more questions than answers. Each person has their own relationship with their adoption, and no adoption story is exactly the same, nor does it impact the adoptee in the same way. This National Adoption Awareness Month, Spence-Chapin’s Adoption Talk will be speaking with Melissa Guida-Richards about the Adoptee Perspective, which will be released on 11/28.

National Adoption Month Events & Webinars

Every Step of the Way

This film, Every Step of the Way, premiered at the Spence-Chapin 2022 Gala and chronicles the adoption journey of a family from the moment the birth mother meets with adoptive parents, to the adoptee’s high school graduation. Every step of the way, Spence-Chapin was there to offer support through our counseling services, community programming, and more. This film depicts just one journey, but represents the unique journeys of so many individuals and families who are connected through adoption. 

Our Favorite Adoption Blog Posts


Spence-Chapin staff members say those of us with personal connections to adoption can be powerful voices in promoting adoption, breaking down myths, and bringing attention to the children here and around the world waiting for permanent families. Here are Spence-Chapin’s ideas for how to celebrate National Adoption Month!

birth-parent support: the spence-chapin way

At Spence-Chapin, we view adoption as a lifelong journey that touches the lives of many individuals: birth parents, adoptees, adoptive parents, as well as extended families. It is essential to approach every individual connected to adoption from a place of honesty, respect, and loving support. That is what we call The Spence-Chapin Way.

S-C family gets creative for children and families

Michael and Ronie Pastko have been a part of the Spence-Chapin family since their first inquiry into adoption in 2015. After becoming parents through adoption, they remain advocates of all things SC. Check out how both have used their own skills and strengths to creatively support the organization throughout the COVID-19 pandemic!

mentors & mentees

For the first time, young adoptees ages 13-18 can now experience the Spence-Chapin Teen Mentorship Program from anywhere in the United States. Through a virtual platform, they are connected to other teen adoptees and adult adoptee Mentors and engage in fun virtual activities and adoptee-centered discussions. For many, it is their first experience being in a space with only adoptees!