China Program Update – May 2012

Currently, the CCCWA website indicates that applicants’ dossiers logged in through November 30, 2010 have been reviewed, and referrals have been made for dossiers registered through September 4, 2006. Since last month’s update, referrals were made for 4 days’ worth of dossiers. Progress!
Due to some changes in the composition of travel groups, the next travel group that is expecting referrals is Group #82, whose dossiers were logged in at the CCCWA on November 16th, 2006

Family Travel

In early May, one of our families will be traveling to Guangdong province to complete the adoption of their 8-year-old daughter, who was matched through our Waiting Child program!

Visitors From China

Spence-Chapin is delighted to welcome our head facilitator, Zhao Hua, on a visit from Beijing this June to help us celebrate at our China20 event, which marks the 20th anniversary of our China adoption program. We are hosting an event for families who are in-process at our Manhattan office in late May or early June. This will give all families who are in-process a great opportunity to meet our overseas representative and connect with other families in the program. We will update you with more details!

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