Your Journey. Our Purpose

Your Journey.
Our Purpose.

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Dear Future

Dear Future

Elevating Children’s Voices
An Art Experience in New York City



Your Journey. Our Purpose

Your Journey.
Our Purpose.

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AZ Expansion



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About Spence-Chapin

Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children is a non-profit organization that has been providing adoption and adoption support services for over a century. The Spence-Chapin Way is to provide guidance and support to children, women, and families throughout all our program areas.

Our work is made possible due to the generosity of our supporters. Learn more about the impact a contribution can make on the lives of those we serve!

How To Adopt

Begin your adoption journey with confidence and ease. Our expert team of professionals will guide you every step of the way, from home study to placement, and everything in between.

I'm Pregnant

If you or someone you know is facing an unplanned pregnancy and don’t know where to turn, Spence-Chapin can help. Our caring and compassionate experts will talk you through all of your options. We offer free, unbiased, and confidential counseling and community resources for expectant parents.

Adoption Support

From coaching and counseling to events, and more, our Pre & Post Adoption Services are there for you and your family.


Spence-Chapin provides a nonjudgmental space for individuals, couples, children, and families to feel heard and supported while working on challenging with relationships or improving family interactions. We tailor our approach to meet your needs, providing a blend of behavioral and relational therapy to best support you and affect positive change.

Waiting Children

Visit our waiting child page to learn more about children currently awaiting their forever families.

Community Programming

Come join a great community of individuals, children, and families connected to adoption! From toddler playgroups to identity workshops to mentorship and adult support groups, our team of dedicated caring professionals is there to help guide you at every life stage and connect you to a supportive community.
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Supporting VulNerable Children

Spence-Chapin is committed to the welfare of children and families. For more than 25 years, Spence-Chapin has been ensuring for the care and support of vulnerable children through our Granny and Special Needs Adoption Programs. In recent years, Spence-Chapin has added  our Project Play initiative, Holiday Angels Program, and other humanitarian aid efforts during the pandemic and beyond to best support children and families around the world. Made possible by the generosity of our supporters, each program uniquely provides for the needs of children and families in challenging circumstances. 

Dear Future: An Art Experience

Dear Future is more than just an art exhibit. It’s a movement born out of the desire to give children living in institutionalized care around the world the space to dream of brighter futures. Through a mixed-media art exhibition featuring the dreams of children from an orphanage in Cali, Colombia- incorporating video, audio, photography, and costume design- we hope to raise awareness about the importance of supporting vulnerable children through the Granny Program, a global initiative doing just that.

Join us in New York City at various pop-ups in 2024 for the viewing of Dear Future. This is the start of a movement created to show that supporting the dreams and futures of children living in orphanages not only matters—

It makes the world a better place.

AZ expansion Small

Spence-Chapin announces expansion into Arizona

For more than 110 years, Spence-Chapin has been committed to our mission that every child deserves a family, and has worked toward our vision of a world where every child belongs, adoption is a celebrated choice, and all families are embraced. Today, we are taking another step closer to that vision by expanding into the state of Arizona. Beginning in 2024, Spence-Chapin will be offering comprehensive Birth & Expectant Parent Services, home study services, and a full-service Domestic Adoption Program through our new regional office in Tucson, Arizona. We will continue to provide the same high-quality and comprehensive programs and services throughout New York and New Jersey. 

Check Out Our Podcast

Don’t miss an episode of Spence-Chapin’s podcast about all things adoption—Adoption Talk by Spence-Chapin!

There are many voices that make up the adoption constellation. This podcast aims to hear from all of them because each voice brings an important perspective and story about adoption.

This podcast brings you conversations with adoptees, birth parents, adoptive families, adoption professionals and health and social service experts as they share their experiences and discuss all things adoption . Let’s get started.

Every Step of the way

This film, Every Step of the Way, premiered at the Spence-Chapin 2022 Gala and chronicles the adoption journey of a family from the moment the birth mother meets with adoptive parents, to the adoptee’s high school graduation. While this film depicts just one journey, Spence-Chapin is there to provide support for all of the unique journeys of adoption, and beyond. 

Spence-Chapin has rebranded!

For more than 110 years, Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children has supported thousands of children, women, and families. Throughout that history, we have always strived to ensure that our services and programs evolve as the communities we serve change and grow, and that we are able to respond to the needs of children, whatever their challenges or circumstances. What began as two small nurseries providing care for infants and growing families to adoption, is today an expansive community and family services organization with a global reach. We felt it was time that our logo and brand reflected that.

Upcoming Events

To see all upcoming events at Spence-Chapin, please view our events calendar



Monthly Birth Parent Support Group

Date: Tuesday, July 30 Times: 07:00pm – 08:00pm Location:



Bagels & Blox and Play Café

Date: Saturday, August 3 Times: 10:00am – 12:00pm Location: Spence-Chapin



Monthly Birth Parent Support Group

Date: Tuesday, August 27 Times: 07:00pm – 08:00pm Location:



Monthly Birth Parent Support Group

Date: Tuesday, September 24 Times: 07:00pm – 08:00pm Location:

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HRC Seal 2023

Spence-Chapin is a proud recipient of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s “All Children – All Families” Innovator in LGBTQ Inclusion seal of recognition for 2023. Spence-Chapin is committed to equality in adoption and is proud of the many children we have placed in loving, stable, same-sex households. Find out more about our adoption pathways for LGBTQ+ families!