Louise Wise Clients

Post-Adoption Records and Resources support to Louise Wise Clients

Spence-Chapin has been the custodian of Louise Wise adoption records since 2004.

Due to the generosity of The Louise Wise Fund, maintaining Louise Wise private adoption records and responding to inquiries regarding these private adoption records is a free service for eligible individuals who are connected to a Louise Wise adoption.

Spence-Chapin does not maintain Louise Wise foster care records. If you are a Louise Wise client who is seeking a foster care record, please contact the Administration for Children’s Services via email at ACSRecordRequests@acs.nyc.gov.

For support regarding Louise Wise adoption records, please contact the Louise Wise inquiry line at (646) 864-4194.

Eligible individuals who are interested in receiving information from a Louise Wise adoption record may submit this application. Applications must be printed, signed, and notarized. Please mail completed applications with proof of ID and any other to:

Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children

120 East 16th Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10003
Attn: Post-Adoption Records, Louise Wise

Who Can Apply

  • Adopted person 18 years and older
  • Birth Parent
  • Biological sibling of adopted person 18 years and older


Please note that available information differs between client types. Please be advised that Spence-Chapin cannot share confidential information with anyone other than an approved applicant without proof of guardianship or power of attorney. Confidential information can only be discussed with approved applicants who have submitted an application and only after the approved applicant’s identity has been verified. Even after application approval and identity verification has been complete, identifying information cannot be disclosed under most circumstances.

Adoption records in the State of New York are sealed and confidential in accordance with New York Domestic Relations Law section 114; and therefore, Spence-Chapin is legally bound and limited in the information we can provide. New York State Public Health Law section 4138-c only permits the release of certain non-identifying information. As specified by the law, adopted adult individuals are entitled to any known information about biological siblings at the time of the adoption. Spence-Chapin fully complies with the law and discloses any and all known information with regard to biological siblings contained in the adoption record.


Non-Identifying Information – Under NY and NJ law, Spence-Chapin, as an authorized/licensed adoption agency and the legal custodian of Louise Wise Adoption Records, can provide certain individuals with a summary of non-identifying information from their adoption record. This may include social and medical background information.

Assistance with NYSAIR Registration – Persons eligible for NYSAIR (the New York State Adoption Information Registry) can apply directly to NYSAIR or can send their NYSAIR application to Spence-Chapin instead, who can then help expedite their request with NYSAIR.

NYSAIR applications can be found here.

Once Spence-Chapin forwards the NYSAIR application to the NYSAIR office on the client’s behalf, NYSAIR will contact the client directly to confirm registration. If the client does not hear from NYSAIR within 4 months after receiving notice from Spence-Chapin that their NYSAIR application has been forwarded to the NYSAIR office, the client should contact NYSAIR directly.  *Please note that a Louise Wise Post-Adoption application is required to process this request, which can be found here.

Information on Search and Reunion – Spence-Chapin can provide a list of resources for search and reunion assistance. Spence-Chapin cannot endorse or guarantee the services of any third-party provider.

Other – For additional services related to an adoption record, such as verification or proof of an adoption, please indicate ‘Other’ on the Louise Wise Post-Adoption application.

Note: Clients seeking emotional support may contact Spence-Chapin’s Family & Community Support Services at (646) 539-2167 or at postadoption@spence-chapin.org for more information on our therapy and consultation services.