International Kinship and Kinship+ Adoption

In Jamaica and the Eastern Caribbean

Spence-Chapin is proud to be able to assist families who are looking to adopt their relatives or children who are known to them through our Kinship & Kinship+ International Adoption Programs. With more than 110-years of experience in adoption, Spence-Chapin is able to guide you through every step of your adoption journey, and provide lifelong support services to you and your family.

 We know that the kinship adoption process can seem daunting at first. That’s where Spence-Chapin comes in. As your Primary Adoption Service Provider in the United States, we will work closely with government agencies and our in-country providers to ensure that the adoption process is smooth and seamless, and that your family is united as quickly as possible.

Spence-Chapin is currently providing Kinship & Kinship+ adoption services in Jamaica and Antigua & Barbuda; we will be launching similar programs in Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent & the Grenadines shortly. If you are interested in adopting from countries outside our country programs and need a home study, Spence-Chapin is pleased to offer kinship-specific home study services to you and your family. Find out more here.

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Spence-Chapin is here to serve as your primary adoption service provider! We will support and guide you through the process of adopting a child related to or known to you. We are able to coordinate all the requirements of the child’s birth country and the United States to ensure a smooth integration of the child into your home, providing support through your adoption and beyond.

All U.S. citizens adopting internationally need to work directly with a Primary Adoption Service Provider in the U.S. to oversee the legal requirements in the United States under the Universal Accreditation Act. That is where Spence-Chapin can support your family.

Our experienced staff works closely with our in-country provider, Philippa J. Street.

Meet Philippa

Philippa J. Street was born and raised in Jamaica; after 30+ years of working in intercountry adoption within the United States, including as founder and CEO of a reputable Hague-accredited agency, Philippa has happily returned to live in Jamaica where she continues her passion of working with adoptive families, in partnership with Spence-Chapin. Philippa has an unparalleled familiarity of the laws and processes required by US regulations and the regulations of each country where we work. Philippa firmly believes that every child has the right to be parented in a permanent, loving and caring family and views international adoption as a loving option.

What is the process?

If you are looking to adopt a child who is related to you or known to you, please begin by contacting us at 212-360-0400 for an initial eligibility discussion. From the very beginning we will assess your case through a lens of the USCIS immigration requirements.

If after an initial screening it is determined that the child’s circumstances may meet the USCIS standards for immigration to the United States on the basis of adoption, you will be scheduled for an in-depth intake with our in-country partner, Phillipa Street, before being invited to apply.

If your application is accepted, Spence-Chapin will begin working with you to prepare all required documents and will guide you through each step in the process as outlined in the below roadmap.

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible?

Each country establishes guidelines for adoptive parent eligibility. Click below to read the requirements for each country.


Current adoptive parent eligibility as established by Jamaican and U.S. regulation include:

  • At least one parent must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Heterosexual couples and single women or single men may apply
  • USCIS requires that single adoptive applicants must be at least age 24 years when filing the Form I-600A and at least 25 years when fling Form I-600. Further the CPFSA requires that applicants are age 25 years or older, although the CPFSA accepts applicants under age 25 years who are seeking to adopt a close relative.
  • While there is no maximum age for applicants, those who are 50 years of age and older will be assessed on a case-by-case basis
Antigua & Barbuda

Current adoptive parent eligibility as established by Antiguan and U.S. regulations include:

  • Antigua & Barbuda accepts married applicants as well as single men and single women
  • Applicants must be at least 25 years old and at least 18 years older than the child to be adopted
  • Typically, Antigua and Barbuda requires that adoptive applicants are domiciled in Antigua and Barbuda for at least six months prior to making the application, but this requirement can be waived by the court. Before making a decision to relocate, please speak with Spence-Chapin.
  • Single applicants must hold US citizenship; for married couples, only one parent must hold US citizenship
  • If you have an arrest history, mental health diagnosis, or physical diagnosis, this will be prescreened for eligibility.


Spence-Chapin fees reflect the work and support dedicated to your family. To assist you in planning, click the expense breakdowns below to see the estimate of all fees incurred through the adoption process including third-party expenses, USCIS fees, travel expenses, and in-country provider fees. Fees are not incurred all at once but are charged incrementally as services are rendered. 

Families In New York/New Jersey
Families Outside of New York/New Jersey

How does spence-chapin offset the cost of adoption?

Spence-Chapin is committed to reducing barriers to adoption and partners with the experts at Your Adoption Finance Coach to provide our families with free access to experts, tools, and content that can take the worry out of financing your adoption. This service is available at no additional cost to families. Additionally, the Federal Adoption Tax Credit can greatly offset the costs of adoption. The Adoption Tax Credit is up to $15,950 per adoption, taken in the tax year in which your adoption is finalized.