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Spence-Chapin provides therapy and counseling services to help individuals, couples, children, and families navigate life’s challenges. We also offer post-adoption support and programs for Adopted Persons of all ages and Birth & Adoptive Families. 

Have any questions? Contact us at community@spence-chapin.org.

Therapy and Consultations

Spence-Chapin provides a nonjudgmental space for individuals, couples, children, and families to feel heard and supported while working on challenging with relationships or improving family interactions. We tailor our approach to meet your needs, providing a blend of behavioral and relational therapy to best support you and affect positive change.

Community Programming

Come join a great community of individuals, children, and families connected to adoption! From toddler playgroups to identity workshops to mentorship and adult support groups, our team of dedicated caring professionals is there to help guide you at every life stage and connect you to a supportive community.

Post Adoption Records and Resources

Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children maintains thousands of records from its 110+ year history. Spence-Chapin also acts as a repository for records for Louise Wise Services and Talbot Perkins. We assist clients who are unsure through which agency their adoption was planned.

Birth Parent Services

From support groups to workshops to counseling, our Birth Parent Services are there to offer lifelong support and community to all Birth Mothers & Fathers on their unique journeys.

Support For Vulnerable Children

Spence-Chapin ensures the care and support of vulnerable children through our Granny and Special Needs Adoption Programs, Project Play initiative, Holiday Angels Program, and other humanitarian aid efforts during the pandemic and beyond to support children and families best worldwide. 

Trainings for Professionals

We believe in the importance of working together with other professionals who serve children and families; by doing so we strengthen the services that families receive and promote shared knowledge in current best practices.

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