Join us as we strive to create a more nurturing and positive beginning for the women we serve and their babies.

Together, we can provide a special space where care and support flourish.

Imagine is a donor-supported baby clothing and supplies boutique located in Spence-Chapin’s main office that provides new, beautiful items for free to the mothers and babies we serve through our Birth & Expectant Parent Services. The store is also open to the public, where proceeds not only fund the items donated to new mothers, but also fund the counseling and other support services they receive from Spence-Chapin, including respite care for their newborns, scholarship funds, housing assistance, job training workshops, and so much more.

Now Featuring Buy One Gift One Share & Care Baby Boxes to purchase for a friend or loved one’s baby, while supporting a new mother in need of assistance and her baby!

To learn more about shopping at the store, donating clothing items or becoming a sponsor, please contact us at

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Who Does Imagine Help?

Spence-Chapin serves women throughout New York and New Jersey who are facing an unplanned pregnancy or who have just given birth and are unsure about parenting. When clients come to us for support, many are in crisis—they don’t have a strong support system to count on, some are experiencing financial or housing insecurity, are victims of domestic violence, or have just received an unexpected medical diagnosis for their baby and are in shock.

Spence-Chapin social workers provide compassionate and nonjudgmental counseling to these mothers while helping them to explore every option available to them and their baby. They identify and connect these moms who are struggling to local resources and social services they may be in need of who can provide the basics they are often lacking.

While receiving counseling and support from Spence-Chapin social workers, many women we serve choose to utilize our Interim Care Program, a respite care service where trained, loving volunteer families bring babies and children into their homes while mothers continue to work with their counselor on a plan for the future.

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What Does Imagine Offer?

After receiving counseling on their options, some of the women we serve choose to parent, feeling better equipped for parenthood with the support they receive and the resources that we help identify, while others are facing circumstances that preclude parenting as an option and choose to make an adoption plan for their child.

Whichever pathway they choose, Imagine is there to support them by providing a welcoming space where they can select supplies, necessities, and outfits for their babies, both during Interim Care and after. Additionally, post-partum supplies are also available to aid in their healing process.

For mothers who choose to parent, Spence-Chapin also prepares care packages with all of the baby necessities they need, but were unable to acquire themselves, to get started on their parenting journey.

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Share and Care Boxes

We’re excited to introduce our Buy One Gift One Share & Care Baby Gift Boxes, designed to be the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who has just welcomed home a baby, that also gives essential items and baby supplies to a new mother being served through Spence-Chapin’s Birth & Expectant Mother Services. 

All of our boxes include new, beautiful handpicked items from local and national retailers that are available in our Imagine Baby Boutique, located in Spence-Chapin’s Manhattan headquarters.

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How to Support Imagine

Your support can make have an immediate impact on the lives of the women and babies we serve. We are actively seeking support through donations of new baby clothes and supplies, and sponsors for this transformative initiative. Contact us to learn more about these opportunities.

All of the baby items at Imagine are available to the public for purchase, with all proceeds going to support our services to women and babies. Each item in the Imagine Collection is brand new and thoughtfully selected. By purchasing one of the beautiful items in the store, you will know that you are making a difference in the lives of the mothers and babies we serve. Stop by the boutique, located in our Manhattan headquarters at 120 E 16th Street, 11th Floor, anytime Monday through Friday from 9-5pm. 

You can also make a financial contribution to support the initiative and the services it provides to women and their babies.