Welcome to our new Look

For more than 110 years, Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children has supported thousands of children, women, and families. Throughout that history, we have always strived to ensure that our services and programs evolve as the communities we serve change and grow, and that we are able to respond to the needs of children, whatever their challenges or circumstances. What began as two small nurseries providing care for infants and growing families to adoption, is today an expansive community and family services organization with a global reach. We felt it was time that our logo and brand reflected that.

We wanted our brand identity to mirror our rich history as well as our role as a pioneer and leader in the adoption and family services space. It was important to us to build a new look around the core values that make up our foundation: connection, support, inclusiveness, family, and love. These core values are what inspire us to empower and guide those we serve through all aspects of their lives, what move us to continue to be a source of lifelong support and lasting connections. Our commitment to building bridges and breaking barriers allows us to create a world where every child finds the love and care they deserve, and every person’s journey is filled with care, compassion, and hope.

A logo of lifelong Support

Our new logo captures the essence of our identity, combining elements that represent the essence of our mission. It prominently features the universally recognized international symbol of infinity. This powerful symbol represents the everlasting bond of forever families and the lifelong connections fostered through our diverse programs and services. In recent years, the infinity symbol has also come to embody inclusivity, aligning perfectly with our commitment to creating a loving, warm, and unprejudiced environment that has always defined Spence-Chapin at its core. Our logo stands as a symbol of our dedication to putting children at the center of everything we do. It represents the enduring relationships we forge in our pursuit of creating the best future for every child. Our child-centric approach drives us to provide loving homes, lifelong support, and a nurturing environment that ensures every child’s well-being and happiness.

The Components of our new look

SpenceChapin Logo FINAL Logomark FullColor


The new symbol depicts prominently the universally recognized symbol of infinity, not only representing the commitment of Spence-Chapin to lifelong support for all those we serve, but also the lifelong connections we help to foster. It also aligns with our dedication to inclusivity, where everyone who walks through our doors feel valued, respected, and welcome. Lastly, the intertwining “S” and “C” at the heart of the symbol stand for Spence, after our co-founder Clara Spence, and Chapin, after our co-founders Dr. Henry and Alice D. Chapin, embodying our rich history and legacy.

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At Spence-Chapin, we celebrate the uniqueness of every journey. Whether your path is clear or uncertain, we walk with you, hand in hand, embracing every step. You are never alone with Spence-Chapin by your side, that is why your journey is our purpose.

ColorPalette Square

color palette

Our color palette is inspired by the warmth and vibrancy of human connections. The rich earth tones symbolize the depth of our work and the profound impact we make in the lives of individuals and families. The bright accents add a touch of liveliness and energy to our brand, signifying the joy and vitality in our community programming, events, and other programs that foster connection. The range of colors present in our palette represent the broad diversity of experiences we encounter, and also speak to the dynamic nature of our work. Together, this palette highlights the breadth of emotion, experience, and energy that highlights all of our individual life journeys.

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Our typography strikes the perfect balance between modernity and tradition, mirroring our blend of innovation and longstanding heritage.