Brian & Kevin

Hi! We are Brian and Kevin . We met as junior high school students in Rockland County, NY, where we were born and raised. Twenty years later we were married and living in Manhattan with our lovable French Bulldog, Chauncey. Family is, and has always been, the most important aspect of our lives. We are so excited to have the child we’ve dreamed of to love, cherish, and raise with the same strong values we were raised with.

About Kevin

Job Description
Director of Citywide Contracts for the NYC Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications

Running, Baking, Crocheting, and exploring the city with Brian and Chauncey.

Fun Fact
Kevin successfully completed the New York City Marathon twice and plans to continue this success in other cities around the world.

About Brian

Job Description
Director for a Manhattan-based real estate investment firm

Spending time outdoors with our French bulldog, Chauncey, and traveling to our favorite vacation destinations.

Fun Fact
Not only is Brian a fantastic cook, in 2017 Brian documented his 12-month hunt to find the best burger in New York City to help us burger lovers know where to go!

Our Life

We live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, close to Central Park, museums, fun restaurants and the Central Park Zoo. We love spending time in the park with our French bulldog, Chauncey, to take in the beautiful scenery and fresh air. Our building has many young, growing families.

Kevin is a terrific baker and book. Homemade family dinners are a staple for us every night, especially on Sundays, when we cook a large meal and homemade dessert (that will last the week) and invite friends to join. We love to engage in discussions about the previous week and the week ahead of us.

Our Family

Our families reside in Rockland County, NY, just a short ride out of the city within the Hudson Valley region. We make regular trips, at least twice a month, to visit our parents, nieces and nephews, and our many cousins.

We both come from large, loving families. Our brothers and sisters now have families and children of their own. It’s wonderful to have close relationships with each of them and enjoy holidays and regular family vacations together. As with all large families, we spend much of our time together happily celebrating birthdays, graduations, weddings and other special occasions.

Final Thoughts

We have dreamed of being parents for a long time. We so look forward to having a child of our own to nurture, guide, and provide the unconditional love we’ve become accustomed to from our own parents.

-Kevin & Brian

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