Donna & Mark

It all started 12 years ago while Mark was over from England visiting clients. Donna’s father was one of them! From the first time we met we knew, I mean we just knew, and our relationship grew from there. Without much effort we forged a close relationship over a long distance, keeping us close despite the miles between us, which is why we communicate so openly and efficiently that now we are married for five years and now is the time that we hope to share our lives, with laughter and love as we grow our family. To us, there is nothing more important than enjoying our time together and with family.

About Mark


Job Description
Senior Ocean Marine Claims Adjuster

Photography, camping, hiking, kayaking, carpentry, gardening, mechanics, and being a kid!

Fun Fact
I used to teach carpentry, plumbing, electrics, and home finishing skills at a school for disadvantaged teenagers preparing them for trade apprenticeships. Oh, and my first time “ever” in a pumpkin patch was 2017! We don’t have pumpkin patches in England 🙂

About Donna


Job Description
Administrative Assistant

Travel: whether exploring locally or traveling abroad. Reading, spending time with family and friends, exploring different foods and recipes, attending cultural fairs, visiting historic homes and places.

Fun Fact
My favorite sport to watch in person is basketball. Unfortunately, every time we go to see the Knicks at Madison Square Garden they lose! My weakness is food… I can eat pizza every day!

Our Lives

Our house has three golden rules: 1) Love and laugh all the time, 2) Never go to bed or leave on an argument (life’s too short!), 3) Always make time for each other and family, everything else can wait. When we are not spending time with family, we are either at home enjoying time with our two loveable cats or exploring Long Island. Walking around our local harbor town usually with ice cream in hand from our favorite ice cream shop is one of our favorite outings! Sometimes the best memories are made with little cost involved. We are rarely apart and known in many places for always laughing together.

Our Family

We come from close-knit families. Both immediate and extended. Even though Mark’s family is in England, we stay close with weekly FaceTime, emails, texts and whenever possible we use our vacation time to visit with them. We often visit with Donna’s parents for family-get-togethers, and we take every opportunity to spoil our 1-year-old nephew. We celebrate most holidays, sporting events, and any excuse we can think of with our extended family. We add in a close-knit group of friends, and their kids, which they become more like family, and our celebrations are times to remember. We host many of these get-togethers that they have become yearly traditions. New Year’s Eve is at our house, and our favorite uncle hosts an “Epic” Christmas Eve party.

Final Thoughts

“Thank you for allowing us to share a little of us with you. Our families and we are filled with excitement at the prospect of growing our family and invite you to be included amongst them. We wish to assure you that love, and laughter will surround your child and kept safe always.”

-Donna & Mark

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