Ken & Mike

In May 2002, we started a summer romance that has lasted almost 20 years. During that time, we have been with each other through graduate school, job transitions, and moving to several cities before settling back home in New York City. New York is the center of gravity for both of our families, all of whom are eager (perhaps too eager) to see us become parents. We are kids at heart, lucky enough to have found a best friend in each other to have fun, be silly, and enjoy life with. Our numerous nephews and cousins, aged 3 months to young adults, can attest to us being the fun uncles, but also the ones to come to for advice about school, cartoon shows, and their parents! We have known for many years that adoption would be the way to grow our family and we can’t wait share our home, our lives, and our love with a child.

About Ken

Job Description
Director for People Science (I help companies become better places to work)

Sci-fi and fantasy fiction, Dungeons and Dragons, Video games, Yoga, Training and caring for our two dogs

Fun Fact
Ken plays Dungeons and Dragons each week with the same group of friends for the past 20 years.

About Mike

Job Description
Director for Student Learning Assessment (I help professors become better teachers)

Cooking and baking, Yoga, Training and caring for our two dogs, Podcasts

Fun Fact
Mike makes cheesecake for holiday dinners with the extended family. He often wins his office baking contests.

Our Life

We have lived in many cities, but always saw our future in the excitement, hustle, and energy of New York City. We enjoy exploring new neighborhoods, eating out, and attending festivals all over the City. Although we lead very domestic lives, focused on home-cooked meals and time at the park with our dogs, we also enjoy traveling to dramatic nature (waterfalls, volcanoes, mountaintops) and local wine and food festivals.  Our travels have taken us far (London, Hawaii, Puerto Rico) and close to home (Finger Lakes, the Jersey Shore, the Hudson Valley). Our relationship blossomed 17 years ago from a shared love of comics, cartoons, and sci-fi and fantasy movies. We still enjoy superhero blockbusters, magic-infused TV shows, and well-written cartoons for grown-ups (and kids) together on regular basis. 

Our Family

We are active and engaged uncles to our nephews, Devin and Erik, helping one to get into college and the other to change his diapers. Ken’s family consists of dozens of tias (aunts) and cousins living in Brooklyn, Harlem, Westchester, and Florida. Mike’s family lives on Long Island, in New Jersey, and in Los Angeles. We gather together with our families for major holidays where there is always food, fun, and festivity. We are very excited to introduce our baby to the many relatives who have been clamoring for years for us to become parents.

Final Thoughts

“Our home and our family are filled with laughter, love, and learning.  We are so excited to be able to add to both.  Thank you for considering being a part of that process.”

-Ken & Mike

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