Sara & Sharon


Hello! We are Sharon and Sara. Our daughter Ellis joined our family through the Domestic Adoption Program in 2016.  We live in Brooklyn with our playful dog Calle. Our sunny home is filled with laughter, music and good food. We love to travel as much as we love to have adventures right here in NYC. On weekends, you can find us playing in the park, exploring the zoo, or picnicking in the Botanic Garden, all within walking distance from our home. 

We met at a mutual friend’s wedding, and were best friends before we started dating. We got married in Prospect Park with a dozen of our closest friends on hand to help us celebrate. We have both chosen careers in public service, and are passionately committed to issues of social justice and equality.

Becoming parents has been the greatest joy, and we are ready and excited to expand our family. We are committed to doing everything in our power to support and encourage our children’s development as they create their own special path in this world.

About Sara


Job Description
Government Administrator

Music, Photography, Theater

Fun Fact
I once biked 750 miles across Australia and a motorcycle in the mountains of Peru

About Sharon


Job Description
Public Health Researcher

Cooking, running and skiing

Fun Fact
I used to live half of the year in South Africa, and have traveled all over the continent

About Ellis


Job Description
Fort construction and demolition

Dancing, singing, painting, and pizza making

Fun Fact
On a recent trip to Iceland, Ellis explored the top of a glacier and the bottom of a volcano, all before bedtime!

Our Lives

We love to travel and explore new places (and food!) We learn all we can about a new area or culture, and then throw ourselves into the experience. By age 3, Ellis has visited Iceland, Mexico and Cuba, as well as several US states. We also try to take advantage of all NYC has to offer, and are eager to share our passion for theater and concerts with our children. It has been such a joy to introduce Ellis to the arts, even if it involved sitting through Paw Patrol Live – twice!  We have a large and diverse group of friends, many with young children. We often host play dates and movie nights in our home, and gather regularly with other families from daycare for Friday night pizza parties.  

Our Family

Ellis is a playful toddler, full of curiosity and quick to giggle.  She loves to play hide and seek, and will dance to any music. While our lives are quite busy and exciting, we truly love all the small details involved in being her parents, like getting her ready for bed, hanging up her art at the end of the day, and comforting her after a tumble.  We have a wonderful open adoption with Ellis’s birthmother, and visit with her several times a year. Ellis is a kind child and is very excited to become a big sister. 

Ellis loves spending time with her cousins. Sara grew up on a dairy farm in northern Michigan, and we visit the family several times a year. Sara’s sister loves to offer horse rides to all, and everyone is encouraged to help feed the calves. There is also a family cabin on a lake nearby where we gather to kayak and have bonfires. Our extended family includes many close friends who have been in our lives for decades. Our little community is all very excited to welcome a new baby.

Final Thoughts

While we cannot fully comprehend the impossibly hard decision you are making, we admire your courage and bravery. No matter where your journey leads, we hope you find peace and serenity in your decision.

Sara, Sharon, & Ellis

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