Free Birthing Classes and Resources in New York

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Giving birth for the first time can be scary. What can you expect? How will birth go? How will the baby be delivered? You may not know what to expect. But there’s no need for fear. Armed with knowledge, you can go into your childbirth armed with confidence.  Here is a list of free resources on childbirth education.  

  1. Ancient Song Doula Services periodically gives a free online childbirth education class. Check their website for updates.  
  1. Healthy Start Brooklyn is hosting an 8 week series of online classes on the signs and stages of labor, breathing, and breastfeeding. This one is for NYC residents only.  More information available here.  
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  1. Holliday Tyson’s Prenatal Classes on Youtube – Part 1: PrenatalPart 2:Labor and BirthPart 3: Postnatal. With over a million views and rave reviews in the comments, these comforting and instructive videos will help you feel prepared for your baby’s birth.  
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  1. BabyMed “All About Childbirth” Classes provide a comprehensive overview of everything around labor and birth, including advice for your partner, breastfeeding tips, facts about labor, and more.
  1. Pamper’s Childbirth Education Series gives a breakdown of many topics around childbirth in high-quality, 15-minute videos. Topics include body changes during pregnancy, aftercare for mom, and the signs of labor.  
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