Colombia Program Updates – November 2019

Spence-Chapin’s fundamental belief is that Every Child Deserves a Family. We are a Hague accredited agency with over 40 years of experience in international adoption. Since 1994, we have been finding and preparing families to adopt children from Colombia, a Hague country.

We are happy to share that as of November 2019, our Colombia Adoption Program will offer an additional pathway for prospective adoptive parents to explore. This pathway will support our ability to bring more families into our Colombia Program and connect more children in need of adoption to the families who are uniquely prepared to parent and ready to love them.

Through our Colombia Adoption Program, Spence-Chapin remains committed to finding families for children in the greatest need of adoption, including toddlers and school-age children with significant special needs. While there are children waiting with a variety of special needs, our partners in Colombia have shared with us that the most common needs seen in the children in their care include but are not limited to: unknown or unpredictable developmental delays, neurological disorders, behavioral disorders, intellectual and physical disabilities. There are also siblings in need of adoption in Colombia.

As of November 1, families may apply to be matched with a child based on eligibility and openness around age and medical needs in addition to the option of submitting an application for a specific Waiting Child. In addition, Spence-Chapin will continue to support families of Colombian descent through our unique Colombia Heritage Adoption Program.

Colombia is a wonderful option for all types of families. Single men and women, married and unmarried couples, heterosexual and LGBTQ parents living throughout the United States are eligible to adopt from Colombia. According to Colombia’s eligibility parameters, prospective adoptive parents who are between 25-45 years old may apply to adopt a child as young as 0-4 years old. Prospective adoptive parents 46-50 years old are eligible to adopt a child 5-9 years old. The anticipated wait time to be matched with a child is 12-24 months after dossier submission.

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