Abby & Gwen

001 Main Profile

Hello! We’re Abby and Gwen, and we’re so excited to welcome a child into our family. We met in 2015 and married in 2019, and we both fell for each other’s kindness, generosity, and dorky sense of humor. We are the loving dad and stepmom of Gwen’s three sons, and from early in our relationship we talked about how much we would love to also have a child of our own. We live in New Jersey in a close-knit community with great public schools. We also frequently spend time in New York, visiting museums, taking tango classes, or going for long walks around the city. Abby’s parents and sister live in New Jersey, and we enjoy seeing them often. Gwen’s parents and siblings live in France. We always look forward to our annual summer trip to see them, and they also visit us in the US once a year. Everyone in both of our families can’t wait to meet the newest member of the family.     

About Abby

002 Abby

Job Description
Speechwriter at a University

Playing cello, singing in a choir, and reading

Fun Fact
I’ve played cello in orchestras, musicals, and a rock band!

About Gwen

003 Gwen

Job Description
High School Physics Teacher

Kayaking, photography, and geeky robotic projects

Fun Fact
I grew up in France and make delicious crepes!

About Ben, Jacques & William

004 The Boys

Fun Fact
We’re experts on superheroes, Star Wars, and Harry Potter!

Our Life

We’re both active people with a lot of interests, and our lives are happily busy. Together, we love outdoor activities like hiking as well as cultural outings like museums and concerts. As parents, we feel education is very important and we value experiences over material items. We have lots of traditions with the boys, including reading together before bed, going to our town’s swimming pool in the summer, biking in the local park, playing board games, making pizza at home, and watching a movie together on Friday evenings. We also love going to the Bronx Zoo, the Liberty Science Center, and the Museum of Natural History. Our town hosts events throughout the year, including a carnival and a haunted house put on by the elementary school. And we love to travel, whether it’s in France or closer to home, like Niagara Falls and Cape Cod. We can’t wait to discover what our new child enjoys doing!

Our Family

We’re lucky to have wonderful families. In addition to our immediate families, Abby has a niece who lives in New Jersey and an aunt and uncle in New York. Gwen has three nieces and a newborn nephew in France. At family gatherings, the cousins love playing together and with their grandparents. We also have a close-knit group of friends and neighbors, many of whom have kids. Our annual trip to France is a tradition that’s important to us. Gwen grew up near the sea, so we enjoy swimming, visiting castles, and eating a lot. The boys also get to practice their French, which they all speak. Our families and friends are thrilled that we’re expanding the family through adoption, and the boys are excited to have another sibling to play with and look out for — and who will be an audience for their many jokes!

Final Thoughts

Thank you for considering our profile! If you honor us with the gift of adoption, we will make sure our child knows how much you love them, and how much we respect you. We know that in the end we share the same hopes — for this child to grow up happy, confident, and deeply loved.

-Abby & Gwen

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