Ben & Lorraina

Ben and Lorraina met in New York City in 2001, and instantly felt a spark. We’ve been best friends and partners ever since.

We have been married for more than 13 years and have had a supportive, compassionate relationship that’s also full of humor and fun. We’re both creative, open-minded, empathetic, and caring people. We both work in fields connected to higher education, and we value education. 

We decided that adoption is the right way to grow our family and are excited to welcome a child into our lives.

About Ben

Job Description
I work as vice president for a software company for colleges and universities

I love reading, writing, going to movies, spending time with friends and their families. I have season tickets to NYCFC soccer. I also really like spending time at home with Lorraina.

Fun Fact
I really love movies! So much that I participate in a podcast about movies in my spare time.

About Lorraina

Job Description
I work on educational software for high school and college students

I love yoga, reading, being part of a book club, going to concerts in Prospect Park, visiting art museums, and spending time at the beach in the summer. I love having friends and family over and spending time at home with our cat Cleo.

Fun Fact
I have an equal love for yoga and pizza! While those two might not seem like a great pair, I love them both. Last summer I finished my yoga teacher training, and my hunt for the perfect slice of pizza is a lifelong quest.

Our Lives

We live in a diverse neighborhood in Brooklyn, very close to Fort Greene Park, but also within reach of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Prospect Park. We enjoy all of the cultural opportunities that living in NYC has to offer. We’re curious people who love learning and having fun. Our lives are busy, but also filled with a lot of down-time to relax at home, go on a walk in the park or spend a day at the beach. Our favorite times are visits with friends and family.

Our Family

Ben’s father and sister live in Atlanta. We are close with our nephew who lives in Atlanta and love when we get to spend time with him there or show him around New York when he and our family come to visit. Ben’s mom is a retired social worker who lives in New Mexico with Ben’s uncle. Ben’s mom loves children and teaches Sunday school at her church. She is really looking forward to being a part of our child’s life. 

Ben has a favorite aunt and uncle who live near a beautiful lake in the South, so we enjoy visiting them. We just saw them for Christmas, along with Ben’s cousins and their children. It was a lively holiday, filled with laughter and food. 

Lorraina had a very close relationship with both of her parents, Karen and Michael. They would have loved to be grandparents, but they are both recently deceased. Lorraina is very close with her cousins and their children. In many ways, Lorraina sees her close friends as her family. She has many good friends that live in Brooklyn that she spends time with regularly including a childhood friend who she considers a sister.

Final Thoughts

“We are so excited to welcome a child into our lives. We know that we would be loving parents who would do everything to care and protect a child. We would always keep the child’s best interest in mind and raise them in a supportive and loving environment. We will do everything possible to always have a home filled with laughter, curiosity, learning, and fun adventures.”

-Ben & Lorraina

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