David & Josh


We met in London in 2000 during our college semester abroad. Josh was in school in Michigan and David was attending college in North Carolina at the time. We stayed in touch and reconnected in New York. We’ve been together since 2009 and married in 2014. We live in central Brooklyn with our cat, Kitty.  Having been here for nearly 20 years, New York is our home. We love taking advantage of everything that the city has to offer and can always be found visiting a museum, checking out the symphony, or exploring a new neighborhood. Josh is the youngest of seven children, and his large family offers a number of fun destinations to visit all across the country. David’s parents and sisters live in West Virginia and we enjoy visiting them several times per year. The whole family is excited to welcome their grandchild/niece/nephew/cousin!    

About David


Job Description
Director of programs for adults with intellectual disabilities

Golf, cooking, film, sports, news/politics, travel, playing chess, cycling

Fun Fact
Once hosted a Halloween party that was crashed by Bill Murray.

About Josh


Job Description
Software Engineer

Golf, reading, professional development, gardening, video games, socializing

Fun Fact
Fluent in Japanese due to living in Japan for 15 months in high school.

Our Life

We love spending time together and have a lot of shared routines that we enjoy. We love to cook and eat dinner together every evening. We are best friends and enjoy sharing our spare time with each other. Food, fun, and laughter are a big part of our life.  We love exploring the city and cherish cultural experiences and travel. We’ve come to adopt many of each other’s interests and can’t wait to share our passions with our child as well as to get excited about theirs. 

Our Family

David has a great relationship with his parents and they can’t wait to meet their grandchild. Josh is the youngest of seven diverse and colorful siblings. We have family near and far which gives us lots of fun places to visit! Josh’s time in Japan also gives him an extended Japanese family that we go to visit whenever we can. We also have a tight-knit group of local, longtime friends that are like a family to us as well. 

Final Thoughts

We’re so grateful for the gift that you’re sharing with us! We will do our best to raise this child with a connection to you and to your heritage. We hope to raise a child with generosity of spirit and a strong moral compass and can’t wait to give them every opportunity to flourish. 

-David and Josh

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