David & Konstantine

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We are Konstantine and David. We live and work in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Konstantine is the owner of two daycare centers in Park Slope. David is a musician. Both our mothers live couple of blocks away from us and Konstantine’s mother also works in one of the daycares. We are very excited to become parents and to provide love and care to someone who is in need of family. We are very lucky to have strong support of our families and close friends. Our circle of friends is very diverse and we have New York to thank for it. We are very happy to be living in a city that has so much to offer to anyone.

About David


Visiting art museums, reading, hiking, and food! – both cooking at home with Andrew and trying new cuisines at restaurants around the city.

Fun Fact
I’ve created small music themes for my friends and every time I see one of them, they hear me whistle their individual music.

About Konstantine


Job Description
Owner and Director of Daycare Centers

Traveling, Biking, Snowboarding, Reading

Fun Fact
I will try any kind of food that is offered to me while traveling, even if I don’t know what’s exactly inside.

Our Life

Both of us are from a country Georgia, Konstantine moved to United States at the age of 19 and David joined him two years ago. We work hard and are really enjoying the life we are having right now. This is why we feel that it is the good time to become parents! We both adore children. In addition, we both love traveling, cooking, exercising and living a healthy lifestyle and we look forward to sharing all this with a child. We often travel with family and friends and we both love interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Our Family

Our family is very warm, loving and based on mutual respect. We love to spend time with our extended family members and our friends. We love to cook together, listen to music and visit new places or just enjoy good conversations. Our family and friends will be a big part in our child’s life and are very excited to welcome her/him with love.

Final Thoughts

“If you decide to choose us as parents of your child, we will always be there for them and we will give her/him all the love and support. We very much looking forward to sharing our lives with our future child who will have an amazing, supportive and loving parents she/he can always count on.”

-David and Konstantine

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