Yeah, I’d be a single mom, but friends tell me I’d be the BEST mom! In fact, one of my friends said she wanted to be my child, because she said a child of mine would have the most amazing life. I’m adventurous, inquisitive, loving and nurturing. I think my greatest accomplishment in life will be that of mom.

I have an active, robust life here in Manhattan, and I have been blessed in so many ways. I have a big family, within a few hours’ drive, so we visit a lot on weekend, and always on holidays. We’re over 20 at holidays and family gatherings now, counting my parents, 2 brothers, 1 sister and their growing families. I have a great job working with electric and gas companies (I’m an engineer). I believe hard work and education opens doors in life. It set me up with a great job and financial security, allowing me to travel and really embrace life.

And I have a great support network in NYC among my friends. When I’m in town, I spend my weekends with my friends doing community garden activities, yoga and cycling, and visiting art galleries and museums.

About Dee

Job Description
Project manager in the energy industry for a consulting company

I’m quite active and do a lot of different things, but some favorites are bike riding, gardening, visiting art exhibits with friends, yoga, making art (like stone carving!) and exploring the world.

Fun Fact
My adventurous spirit is a theme: I’ve traveled to 42 countries, done the NYC Triathlon 5 times, rode my bike from Boston to New York, hiked the Inca Trail, gone shark diving and more!

My Life

I love life!  I have a great sense of adventure, but a stable life at its core. I come from a loving family that has provided me with an amazing childhood and set me up for success in life.  I’ve got a happy, active life here in New York. I find balance between learning and exploring new places and things, doing outdoor activities and spending time with family, friends and their children. It would be my greatest pleasure to bring a child of my own into my life and my family to share holidays, vacations, celebrations, learning how to make things together and exploring all the great things in this city and this world together.

My Family

I have a big family, counting my parents, my siblings and their growing families. Although they’re not here in NYC, my siblings are all only a few hours drive away. They’re an important part of my life, and we get together a lot. There’s holidays, birthdays, special events, and sometimes no special reason at all!

My day-to-day life is mostly filled with activities with my friends here in NYC. On weekends, I see my friends at church, meeting for tea or food, going to galleries or other local activities. In the summer, I love the free activities in the city in the parks, such as Riverside Park, Bryant Park and Central Park.

I have lots of very close friends in Boston (I used to live there) and in Europe (several close friends moved overseas). Since my parents instilled in me a great sense of connection and of travel, I consider my friends even at a distance great friends, and see them frequently.

Final Thoughts

“I pledge is that I will love your child unconditionally and be the best mother I can, sharing all that I have to help him or her grow into a successful, responsible, caring, happy adult. I want you to feel confident that I will speak lovingly about you and will be open with your child about how we became a family through adoption.”


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