Kevin & Tommy

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Hi, we’re Kevin and Tommy. We’re a pair of theater-going, reality show watching, dog loving guys from Staten Island, New York. We got married in May 2018, and while we’re currently a family of 4 (the other two being our dogs, Nash and Dottie), we’re ready to begin our journey as parents.

We both grew up in bigger families with multiple siblings, and lots of cousins around, and we’ve always wanted to start a family of our own, so we’re excited to get started on this next chapter of our lives.

Our house is usually filled with love, laughter, and often, the smells of something freshly-baked coming out of the oven. We love to cook at home, but we also love to explore our borough and the rest of New York CIty, constantly in search of new favorite spot.

About Kevin

Job Description
Public Relations Executive

Baking, all things Philadelphia sports related, fantasy football, Broadway theater

Fun Fact
I was born on my due date, which so happened to be my mother’s birthday, so we get to share that celebration together every year.

About Tommy

Job Description
Student Affairs Professional

Reading, the Real Housewives of [insert any city here, I love all of them], teaching our dogs Nash & Dottie new tricks

Fun Fact
I once phone tapped my mother on Z100.

Our Lives

In a way, we feel like we’ve been in training to start our own family for the past three or four years. Whether it’s cousins or close friends, we spend a fair amount of time around kids, and while we don’t want to brag, we’ve gotten pretty good at hide & seek and “got your nose,” so we can’t wait to be dads.

The most important thing in our home is laughter – we like to laugh, A LOT. Life will always have its ups and downs, but when you can always manage to make each other smile and laugh, we feel like we can take on the world.

Our Family

As you can see in our photos, we spend a lot of time with our families. At home, it’s just us and the pups, but we spend many weekends at family parties, casual get togethers or a few fun adventures with these great people. When it comes to kids, we spend a lot of time with Kevin’s nice Skylar, as well as Lowyn, who is Tommy’s cousin’s daughter. 

Final Thoughts

We’ve accepted that the future is never certain, but we also know in our hearts that somewhere out there, there’s a child that’s waiting to be a part of our family, and we’re really excited to meet that child.

– Kevin & Tommy

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