Maria & Maurizio

Ciao, we are Maurizio and Maria, We have known each other since we were kids when we used to play together. We fell in love during high school and we have been together since then. We have spent most of our life together, growing into a happy and joyful family. Our life is complete, but there is a missing piece in the puzzle: we would love to become parents and share our life and love with a child. We both work for a University, and education is very important to us. We feel very privileged that our jobs give us a lot of flexibility to spend time together and have fun. We have been living in Brooklyn since 2006 and we love our life here. We enjoy going to concerts, museums, Broadway shows, and, of course, we cannot miss any soccer game of our Italian team A.S. Roma.

About Maria

Job Description
Project Associate & Volunteer at the MET

Cooking Italian food, visiting museums, going to the zoo, traveling the world, photography, and watching soccer games

Fun Fact
In 1999, I came to this country for the first time to visit Maurizio in Virginia. I was craving Italian food and one day in the middle of a trip, I screamed, “Maurizio, stop, they have Suppli!” Suppli is a delicious Roman rice ball, but instead, we had stopped in front of a big hardware supplies store. Since then, my English has improved very well, but we still laugh about this.

About Maurizio

Job Description
University Professor

Solving math problems, traveling the world, searching for authentic international food, going to the zoo, doing BBQ at home, gardening, playing pool, going to the gym, and watching soccer games

Fun Fact
As part of my job, and besides teaching and researching, I many times present my robotic discoveries at public events, radio shows, or on TV. The very first time was a live show that I did was on CNN where I was put in front of a camera without any instruction. When the host asked me what I was holding in my hands, pointing at my robotic fish, I said, “This robot that looks like a grenade.” And there was silence…

Our Life

Our daily lives are simple: we go to the gym, walk to work, and have lunch together. During the weekend, we take our Fiat 500 out for a grocery journey and spend time with our friends and their kids. We cook together almost every day, and in the summer we enjoy doing BBQ. We have the fortune of traveling the world, from Asia to Europe, exploring new places, experiencing new cultures, and making new friends. Some of these trips are in Italy, where we go few times a year to visit our families, including having fun with our nieces and nephews.

Our Family

Our families both live in Rome, Italy, but it really feels like they live here in Brooklyn. We visit them few times a year, our families come to see us routinely, and we chat every day. They participate in our lives, and so do we, in every small step and significant event. In Brooklyn, we have a large, multicultural, and vibrant, extended family of friends, whom we have chosen to share our laughs and friendship. Our families and friends cannot wait to welcome a child in our life, with whom we can share our love.

Final Thoughts

“We know the complexity and difficulty of the decision you are making, we feel that this must be the hardest decision of your life and this is something that we share. We promise to be loving parents and honor the roots of our child, such that their journey through life be a uniquely full one, full of joy, culture, and support. We always think that one day we will have a family, a child to love and with whom we can share our amazing life and values to give him/her unconditional love, exciting adventures, and a safe and stable home.”

-Maria & Maurizio

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