Matt & Rodney

In 2003, we met in college while studying dance and musical theater. In January 2005, we began dating and have been inseparable ever since. After graduation, we moved to New York City to pursue our respective careers in the arts and eventually chose to enter into corporate careers. We were married in 2013 and had decided early on that our eventual path would lead toward parenthood. Our love of children grew as our extended family began to grow and our involvement within the lives of our nieces and nephews became an important part of our lives. We recently moved to Montclair, New Jersey in preparation for our intended future parenthood. Our families are incredibly excited to welcome a new child. Our involvement with our families and friends is an ever-present part of our lives and we cannot wait to welcome a new child into the loving family that we share. 

About Matt

Job Description
Project Manager & Executive Assistant

Long distance competitive running, interior design, gardening, and reading

Fun Fact
Matt is a cycling instructor for Indoor Cycling Franchise and has completed three marathons

About Rodney

Job Description
Senior Manager – Process Improvement

Cooking, theater, biking, film, spending time with our dog, and visiting museums

Fun Fact
Rodney once worked as a child actor/puppeteer on a local television show in his home state of Maryland. Rodney was raised on a farm tending to various farm chores

Our Life

As a couple, we enjoy an active and adventurous life and look forward to sharing our love and passions with our future child. As a runner, cyclist, and sports enthusiast, Matt is excited to share these passions with his child on runs through the park and being a full-on “soccer dad.” Rodney will pass along his grandmother’s chocolate cookie recipe, and will share his passions of music and theater. We have grown to share a passion for travel and look forward to many new adventures with our son or daughter traveling across the United States and internationally. Also, the most recent addition to our home, Harper Lee (our French Bulldog) will undoubtedly be a fantastic “big sister.” Our large extended family, who we often spend a significant amount of time with, is also incredibly overjoyed at the prospect of our new addition. Your child will know no lack of love and adoration as a part of our home.

Our Family

We will be first-time parents along with our French bulldog puppy, Harper Lee. Our families in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and Maryland are incredibly excited to welcome a new baby into the family. Our involvement with our families and friends is an ever-present part of our lives, and we cannot wait to welcome a new child into the loving family that we share.

Final Thoughts

“We hope that you have enjoyed reading a bit about us and learning about our lives and our excitement to welcome a child into our home. A home with us includes unconditional love, financial security, a top-notch education, and a community of family and friends who offer support and understanding. We look forward to learning about the hopes and dreams for your child’s life.”

-Matt & Rodney

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