My son, Jake (10 years old) and I live in New York City.  We have a happy, loving, affectionate, adventurous family. I work and own a company, have lots of friends, most of them with kids and we socialize and travel a lot together – they are a fantastic support system for me and for Jake. Jake is a healthy, smart, curious boy. He just started third grade at a private school in the city, has lots of friends and will be a great “big brother”. As a mother, I believe it is my role and privilege to keep him safe and healthy, to support him, to teach and encourage him to make good decisions, and to give him space to become the man he will grow up to be.  I encourage him to explore, and surround him with different types of friends and families.

About Tory

Job Description
I own a recruiting company based in New York

I enjoy supporting the community and am involved with lots of school activities! I love to travel and very much enjoy art galleries and museums.

Fun Fact
I was born in England, but have lived in New York for nearly 20 years – I love drinking tea with milk, and have an English accent!


Job Description
School kid!

Friends, drawing, soccer, and ALWAYS video games 😉

Our Lives

I love being a mother! We are lucky to have a happy, loving, privileged home life.  We laugh a lot, play a lot, love to travel and to enjoy New York, work hard and follow family rules.  Our family motto is “Never say no to a cuddle.”  Loyalty, integrity and respect are the characteristics I admire the most and encourage in Jake. As well as our apartment in NYC, I have a small home in upstate New York that I’ve owned since Jake was a baby – we visit on weekends and it holds many wonderful memories. I’m a working mother, so am organized and structured, independent and resourceful, but also very sociable and enjoy the company of others.  We have an annual Halloween party in our home for Jake’s school friends and have playdates 2 or 3 times a week. Jake’s father and I separated 2.5 years ago but remain good friends, Jake spends one night per week and alternate weekends with him, in an apartment just 5 or 6 blocks away.

Our Family

Jake is smart, funny and has a lot of friends. He is very caring with other children and can also be very silly, to make them laugh. He loves to hug and cuddle, even though he’s an older boy. There are so many photos of him it was difficult to choose! My parents were married until my father passed away a couple of years ago – my mom (Granny Mo) lives in England and we talk to her via video every day, as well as visiting her every year, and she comes to New York too. She loves Jake very much and is excited to spoil and love another grandchild! My brother is Nick, he has a 6-year old son and an 18-month old daughter (Jake’s cousins) – Jake loves them! Antoinette isn’t related to us but has looked after Jake since he was 3 months old – we pretend she is part of our family and we love her! My closest friends all have children. All these people, and others, are our family and friends and they can’t wait to meet the new baby on our lives!

Final Thoughts

“We are an affectionate, fun family with more than enough love to share with another child.  Jake can’t wait to be a big brother and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to raise another baby to one day be a strong, independent, caring adult.”


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