Groups and Trainings

Be part of a lifelong connection

We invite you to make us part of your adoption community. We offer a variety of groups and programming so you can find the one that is right for you. We hope to see you soon.


Due to COVID-19, all events will be virtual.

The Manhattan Birthparents Support Group is peer-led and meets monthly to explore feelings and share stories in a safe, supportive space. The group currently meets virtually and is open to all birthparents even if their adoptions were not planned through Spence-Chapin. Contact Michelle at for more information.


Whether you’re newly exploring adoptive parenthood or have been an adoptive family for years, our regular online trainings and support groups are a place to learn, grow and meet others in similar situations. Topics include the complexities of parenting across race, talking about adoption, trauma-informed parenting and single parenthood. 


Returning this fall! Play Cafe and Bagels & Blox return to in-person programming at Spence-Chapin!

Registration is now open for our Junior and Teen Mentorship programs, providing a space for community and connection through fun and interesting monthly meetings throughout NYC.

Our popular Lifebook workshops are a place for kids to explore their identity, make meaning of their adoption, and leave empowered with ways to talk about themselves and their story.


Due to COVID-19, all events will be virtual.

We value working together with other professionals to strengthen the services that families and children connected to adoption receive and to promote shared knowledge in current best practices. Whether you’re a child welfare agency, school, attorney, healthcare professional or independent practitioner, we look forward to connecting with you. Find more information about our trainings and workshops for professionals here.


For all the exciting special events we offer throughout the year, including our Halloween Party, our Cocktails & Conversations series and Voices of Adoption, visit our events calendar.

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