Learn More About Lifebook by Reading Our FAQ


Learn more about Lifebook by reading our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is a Lifebook?

A Lifebook is a book that is created by adoptees themselves that tell their story. With help, when necessary, from their parents or guardians, kids may document how they joined their families through adoption while highlighting other important pieces of who they are. A Lifebook can be a place where kids safeguard their important memories/memorabilia as it pertains to their adoption. Letters from birth family, photos, gifts they may have received, and important documents can all be included in the Lifebook!


How do I know if my child is ready for Lifebook?

Great question! 

For some families, you will know because your child asks a lot of questions about their early life and adoption or shares what they understand about their life story.  For other families, they use Lifebook to launch more conversation with their child. We have tailored the activities of Lifebook to this age specifically.  Beginning around age 5, children are able to understand more aspects of adoption, and they will be making sense of what that means for them. They may or may not talk about it with their parents. Representation is always an important part of growth – especially for young adoptees – and Lifebook can be a great place to let them tell their story as they understand it. We recommend sharing some of the details of the event with your child to let them know this is a place where they can make their own book and tell “the story of them”. 


What can I expect at the Lifebook event?

Lifebook is a 3-hour event at the Spence-Chapin offices. Snacks and drinks are provided for all who join. The event is led by Spence-Chapin staff who help the kids create their book, section by section. Lifebook can be an emotional day, so families are encouraged to take breaks when needed; support is available onsite. Spence-Chapin provides all necessary art materials along with the book itself for families. Kids and their parents bring in COPIES of personal items (letters, documents, pictures) that they would like to include in their book.


What if we do not have memorabilia, photos, or documents to add to the book?

That is fine! Every adoptee’s experience is different; therefore, every Lifebook is different! There are specified chapters that help kids add information, even if they do not have birth family information or memorabilia to include. 



Can my child attend Lifebook more than once?

Yes! We have designed add-on sections that we call “Lifebook 2” for kids and parents who would like to return to add on to their original book or create a new one.



How do I register for the next Lifebook event?

On our website! We invite parents to register about up to two weeks before each Lifebook event. This gives time for the event facilitator to reach out to parents with some introductory information and ask some questions to prepare for the day. 


To find out more contact us at

212-400-8150 or email us at info@spence-chapin.org.