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What is Voices of Adoption?

Voices of Adoption (VOA) is a community-building group open to all adoptees 18+ internationally or domestically born, located anywhere in the world. VOA meets virtually via Zoom; this is a free event to all who register. It is hosted by Jessica M. Luciere, a Colombian adoptee & Adoptee Advocate; she is the Manager of Community Engagement at Spence-Chapin. 

VOA is a judgement-free zone, where all participants are expected to come in with an open mind, understanding that each adoptee has their own unique experience. Occasionally, there are themed discussions; often, the group runs as an open forum.

VOA is not a clinical space, but if an adoptee is looking for clinical services, Spence-Chapin has options available. 



Are non-adoptees – like adoptive parents or partners – able to participate in VOA?

No. While we value the interest of others connected to adoption, VOA is strictly an adoptee space. This creates confidence in those who join, knowing that this space is specifically for them and those who share the experience of being adopted. 


What if I am not personally connected to Spence-Chapin as an adoptee?

That is fine! All adoptees are welcome to join VOA, regardless of having a connection to Spence-Chapin.


What if I have never participated in a group of all adoptees – would this be for me?

We welcome you to join us for an event! Many people who have joined had never participated in an all-adoptee event before and have continued to return for each meeting. There are no expectations for participants to share – we welcome all to join and hear from their peers. 



How do I register?

Registration for upcoming VOA events can be found on our events calendar. We hope to see you there!


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