Learn More About Play Café: Read Our FAQ


Learn more about Play Café by reading our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is Play Café?

Play Café is a beloved Spence-Chapin community-building event that began in 2017 when families advocated to have a group for their children to remain connected to an adoption community after they became too old for Bagels & Blox, providing a space for young adoptees, ages 6-9 years old, to play, do creative activities, make new friends and talk about what it means to be an adoptee.


What if we did not adopt through Spence-Chapin – can we participate?

Yes, of course! All adoptive families are welcome to join us.


What can my child expect at Play Café?

A lot of fun! Kids do fun activities like creating their own identity pizzas and family constellations, do scavenger hunts, listen to music, and talk about being adopted. Older adoptees in their teens volunteer to help to facilitate this group, along with Spence-Chapin staff.


What is included in registration for Play Café?

Registration for the 6 events on our calendar can be done on our website and includes access to one parenting or family counseling session with a Spence-Chapin clinician. The parent group welcomes parents who participate in the Bagels & Blox events, or who have kids enrolled in Play Café, Jr. & Teen Mentorship programs. Topics vary, but the parent group is a great space to grow your own community!

To find out more contact us at

212-400-8150 or email us at info@spence-chapin.org.