Most Adoptions From China Now Special-Needs Cases

Most Adoptions From China Now Special-Needs Cases, an AP feature on the changing adoption scene in China written by David Crary, has just been released.  It looks at how couples are soul-searching and embracing the idea of adopting a special-needs child.  Kevin and Bethany Durkin, who adopted two girls through Spence-Chapin’s China Waiting Children Program, are quoted.  The article has been picked up by many websites and papers across the country and is currently posted on the New York Times website.
Spence-Chapin is approved by CCAA to place Waiting Children and is currently looking for families who are open to children with identified needs or conditions.  The children available through this program have a wide range of issues and challenges and will all benefit from the kinds of treatment available in the United States and the love of an adoptive family.  For more information, visit our Waiting Children page.

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