National Adoption Awareness Month:
Celebrating Adoption in the Arts

At Spence-Chapin, we’re excited to commemorate National Adoption Awareness Month by highlighting the incredible influence of adoption on the world of the arts. Our Adoption in the Arts initiative is a vibrant celebration of the profound connection between adoption and creative expression. 

Celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month with us as we pay tribute to the artistic accomplishments of the adoption community. Take a moment to contemplate the profound influence of adoption on our lives, connect with the talented artists among us, and consider submitting your own art through our form. We’re eager to showcase your work on our social media platform this November. Join in the celebration!

What is Adoption in the Arts?

Adoption in the Arts is more than a celebration of artistic achievements; it’s a testament to the significance of adoption itself. The adoption community has contributed to and benefited from various forms of art, including visual arts, literature, music, dance, and more. Their experiences have profoundly influenced their artistry and storytelling, resulting in unique and powerful contributions that resonate with audiences worldwide. 

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Explore the Intersection of Identity and Creativity

Throughout the month of November, we will showcase the work of artists, authors, musicians, and performers connected to adoption, sharing remarkable stories and artistic creations. By doing so, we hope to deepen the understanding of the adoption journey, with all its complexities and beauty.  

Adoption in the Arts Silent Auction

Due to the generosity of artists within the adoption community, we are hosting a silent auction this month to support all of the programs, events, and services we offer to adopted persons and their families throughout the year.  

By participating in our auction, not only are you supporting a wonderful cause, but will have the opportunity to own a beautiful work of art, crafted with care and meaning by its artist. 

Don’t miss the chance to make these incredible pieces your own while contributing to the vibrant art of the adoption community!

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NAAM and Adoption content


Spence-Chapin staff members say those of us with personal connections to adoption can be powerful voices in promoting adoption, breaking down myths, and bringing attention to the children here and around the world waiting for permanent families. Here are Spence-Chapin’s ideas for how to celebrate National Adoption Month!

Adoption Is Campaign

With the Adoption Awareness Video Project, we are bringing together the voices of well-known faces to talk about their own personal connections to adoption in self-recorded videos, helping to increase understanding about adoption by those not connected to adoption while at the same time ensuring that everyone in the adoption constellation knows that there is a supportive commnity out there for them. The videos we are creating we will be sharing widely through social media, and we hope you will, too! 

Imagine Boutique

Imagine is a donor-supported baby clothing and supplies store located in Spence-Chapin’s main office that provides new, beautiful items for free to the mothers and babies we serve through our Birth Parent Services. The store is also open to the public, where sale proceeds not only fund the items donated to new mothers, but also fund the counseling and other support services they receive from Spence-Chapin, including temporary respite care for their newborns, scholarship funds, housing assistance, life skills training, and so much more.