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Spence-Chapin Celebrates National Adoption Month 2016

November is recognized as National Adoption Awareness Month. A Presidential Proclamation brings awareness to important adoption-related issues and the children waiting for adoptive families. Spence-Chapin’s Associate Director of Outreach Katie Foley at Spence-Chapin says “those of us with connections to adoption can be powerful voices in promoting adoption, breaking down myths, and bringing attention to the children here and around the world waiting for permanent, loving families.” Spence-Chapin supports National Adoption Month as an opportunity to raise awareness of the children here and around the world in need of adoptive families and to promote the need for post-adoption support for all members of the adoption constellation. 

President Obama writes in his National Adoption Month proclamation: “I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim November 2016 as National Adoption Month. I encourage all Americans to observe this month by answering the call to find a permanent and caring family for every child in need and by supporting the families who care for them. ….. Each November, we recognize the important role that adoption has played in the lives of children and families in our country and around the world, and we rededicate ourselves to ensuring every child can find their forever family.” 

Local news stations, community centers, and adoption organizations often have activities to celebrate adoption around the country. 

Here are Spence-Chapin’s ideas for how to celebrate national adoption month: 

  1. Support a friend or family member who is adopting. Send a note to someone adopting to let them know you’re thinking of them and supporting their family. 
  2. Attend an event to learn about adoption Join an event in your community to learn about adoption and hear from birth parents, adoptive parents, and/or adoptees! Join Spence-Chapin’s Voices of the Triad Panel Discussion on November 10th! 
  3. Spread the word! Share information about adoption with your community on social media facebook, Instagram, and Twitter including how to adopt and the children waiting for adoption. 
  4. Volunteer with a foster care or adoption organization. Many non-profit organizations couldn’t fulfill their mission without the help of dedicated and passionate volunteers! 
  5. Fundraise for an adoptive family or adoption organization. Adoptive families are often responsible for many different adoption expenses and their non-profit adoption agencies want to keep adoption as affordable as possible. Donate today to your favorite child-welfare organization or a family who is adopting! 
  6. Encourage your office to offer adoption benefits. Adoption benefits are not universally available to new adoptive parents. Encourage your company to be recognized as an Adoption-Friendly Workplace by the Dave Thomas Foundation. 
  7. Write about your experience or connection to adoption. Bring attention to adoption by writing about your experience or connection to adoption on a blog or social media!! Spence-Chapin wants you to share your story on our blog! 

Download PDF here.