Planned Giving & Stock Transfers

A Legacy of Families (picture of retiree age individual with child or family)

We invite you to discover the many ways you can support Spence-Chapin through planned giving.  Spence-Chapin accepts gifts of stocks, bonds, and securities; we offer a Charitable Gift Annuity Program for retirees; and we accept all forms of bequests and legacy gifts.  Your support ensures the generational sustainability of our programs and leaves a legacy of strong, vibrant, modern families!

Stocks & Bonds

Gifts of Stock, Securities, and Bonds can be transferred electronically to Spence-Chapin through the Depository Trust Company (DTC).  Spence-Chapin works with Morgan-Stanley to process all gifts of stock, securities, and bonds.

STEP 1. 
Please fill out the stock transfer form below to make a stock gift.  This form needs to be forwarded to Morgan-Stanley before you or your broker initiate a stock transfer. If you have any questions, contact Matthew Kaal in our development department by phoning 212-360-0263 or by fax 212-369-8589.

After receiving confirmation that the stock transfer form has been passed to Morgan-Stanley your broker or transfer agent can prepare delivery of your gift to Spence-Chapin’s account.  The following directions should facilitate this part of transaction.

You can find copies of a completed IRS W-9 Form (link to PDF) and an August 3rd, 2015 notice from the IRS District Director’s Unit verifying the tax exempt status of Spence-Chapin (Link to PDF) (TIN: 13-1834590)

Bequests and Estate Planning

You can make bequests of a specific dollar amount, specific assets (securities, real estate, and tangible personal property), or a percentage of the remainder of your estate after all other obligations (known as a “residuary bequest”).  This is a thoughtful way to include Spence-Chapin in your legacy and ensure the long-term funding of our programs.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A Charitable Gift Annuity is a simple contract between you and Spence-Chapin that provides you with an annuity, an annual fixed payment for life, in exchange for irrevocably transferring assets to the organization. 

Spence-Chapin’s Charibale Gift Annuity Program is managed by Hemmenway & Reinhardt, INc. (LINK)

Please Contact our Fundraising and Development Coordinator, Matthew Kaal to learn more about this program and how charitable annuities benefits both Spence-Chapin and you.